"Nausicaa of the Valley of winds" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

We have a problem with the beasts there was heavy. I'm afraid of wolves.
Alexander Lukashenko
creaks wind swirling white pixels, and a strange dude, equipped with merry respirator, knocks the door and says with regret that the death reached and to this village. Next, give the viewer a brief historical narration and hieroglyphic inscription, after which the film begins a wonderfully beautiful and plaintive caption mundane post-apocalyptic circumstances. Civilization perished, the survivors, there are small communities, and the world absorbs radioactive huge forest inhabited by a giant armored oysters and other genetically modified organisms. Not surprisingly, in these circumstances, some irresponsible militarists decide to use the terrible weapon, and burn the forest to such a mother. It is not surprising and the fact that such Exercise fraught with retribution Mother Nature and therefore highly undesirable. Militarists can only hinder the title Princess - headstrong girl, carried away by the flora, fauna, and hang gliding. And it hurts, to be sure - the proud owner of a beard made of cotton to nail militarists, Nausicaa will automatically find a common language with giant insects, and terrible weapons on the check will be rotten sham. And the earth will shine a warm light, wheat, and the wind returns.
It should be noted immediately that the viewer first twenty minutes unprepared everything that happens seems wild and unnatural, and only some time later that same audience accustomed starting to notice the many encouraging features of the surveyed animation. Take, for quite kemeronovskuyu thoroughness with which Miyazaki sculpts own world (being available does not kemeronovskie budgets), since the film giant mushrooms, green-eyed belkolisami, cyclopean oysters CSKA colors and other highly scenic disgrace. And beautiful views ?! A pompous music ?! A broaching episodes optionally, glued to the grand slowness ?! A windmill against the evening sky ?! And epic explosions ?! A bout sounded heartbreaking groaning worthy Van Damme ?! And the princess is good - stop a running horse in a burning hut. That's just short of commendable particulars "Nausicaa" still turns a fair game, from the soul flavored quicksand penny passions name green angst. No, de gustibus undoubtedly non est disputandum, however in this case, and Latin will not save the father of Japanese animation
Indeed, in part messedzha all this colorful Akhal-mahalay produces the most painful impression -. It is clear that one must destroy tanks with planes and make love, not war. It is clear that the sort of homespun truth can not be made public, without having in mind the sweetest intonations Nikolai Nikolaevich Drozdov. It is also clear that in terms of StarCraft Zerg simply can not do without the care of sufferers pastoral word, the meaning of which in general comes down to the council to find yourself a boa-homeworkers. That's just to save us cockroaches, whether they have nuclear weapons and the ability to apply it? The director does not answer, the director is silent about the brutality of competition, tapeworm and a muffin. Instead, the viewer is invited to "protect nature your mother," placing an intelligently in the right place is not a comma, but the dash. And it seems that even if the best friend of Miyazaki suddenly hatches, say, a stranger, the author will remain unruffled calm and say something wise about nature, which is always right. I do not know about you, but I'm tired of all these stories, touching one another
I've had enough soul-saving green whisper about living life that breaks through all barriers.; I've had enough of mantric laments rogues from ecology, offering us to enjoy quite mystical ectasia religious idea that people should stop to eat the flesh and blood of the great Mother Nature. The problem here is that this very Mother of all claims being refutes the logic of the apologists, recognizing their only prophet, His Holiness Natural Selection. Judge for yourselves whether human life will change from extinction Puma concolor coryi at least to some extent? No, of course we should not destroy the unfortunate beasts hurl - in the end, is always unpleasant to find out that the next fluffy Handsome died a heroic death in an unequal struggle against poachers (and psychological comfort, you know, important, not less comfortable physical) . Should not become a flourishing planet in trash apocalyptic wasteland - there will not be too comfortable to live. But why to mix a healthy pragmatism, abstract ideas and dream about living in 'harmony with nature'? 'Harmony with nature' ... Well it is necessary, some words of deceit! In fact, nature is immoral, cruel and infinitely far from that serene and idyllic harmony that individual noble Fools worship causa prima of all things.
And why create a principle of what we display them, and what should we be?

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