"Nausicaa of the Valley of winds" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Nausicaa ... or if you want to Nausicaa. It does not matter.
Today I anchored on the shore of the sea of ​​sodium, in the Valley of the Winds. And again, like a year ago 2:00 contemplation inspired masterpiece swept like 5 minutes, and I want to look again at all the key moments, all of the incredible situation that only Miyazaki's Nausicaa so can imagine. But no, it is necessary to leave it as it is, in fact a couple of years we can again return to the master of life and powerful mentor altruism and philanthropy.
Miyazaki has dipped pen, he had already mastered the palette. By traveling in a strange world of Prince Horsa, and improving a sense of humor, along with Arsene Lupine master-Haya, in the distant 84th year was a poor sootkryvatelem young, unknown Ghibli studio for a couple with a colleague Takahata dividing the slice of bread. History does not do what Miyazaki from the moment they came out bad. although interesting, and a good movie about the Sun Prince, and he worked with Takahata, 15 years after the release of their first polnometrazhki about the charming thief.
Anyway, it happened. The embodiment of all the spirit Miyadzakovskogo anime, its prototype of a better man on the background of the ordinary but a realistic world, and let's been more than 25 years to the day Sensei made the first sketches, Nausicaa is a; It is original and main masterpiece of Miyazaki, who brought him his first fame and the opportunity to continue to shoot, and to invent and create. Image Navsikai and now actual, what is more, it has become more urgent in the 25 years since our world ever closer to the abyss of post-apocalyptic period in which it plunged the people into a dystopia Haya.
No need to be a professor to make out the features of the chaos what is happening in the picture in our daily lives. People do not change, and how they would hardly any chance to stab with a knife, and they take a loaf of bread, alas, do not miss ... But not all such image Navsikai hurricane went through all the pictures of Miyazaki, and although she is a derivative of the Duchess of the first film, yet Nausicaa put the fattest gold stamp on the black list of human actions. She is the brightest beam in the history of anime and of course combines both the quality of the spiritual leader, the Messiah and simple human emotions and fears. Watch this anime and listen to music in a terrific freshman Ghibli team - Joe Hisaishi - that real pleasure is easy to get and no you can not take away
And consider this film a person will certainly need to talk about it, because at such things and is based. the best that you can give people today, you just have to believe that people can change, and with your help may save Nausicaa and another island in this poisonous forest.
digress, let me advise those who enjoyed this anime about listen to short track 'Absolutely Green' by a remarkable man Dom DeLuise. The themes of these works are very similar.
Accordingly throw Navsikai deep chest 'and I'm going to show my children', that such films need to nurture the emerging human being to the world the idea of ​​complete harmony and love for one's neighbor on the background of real and surreal 'mushrooms 'and' bug 'was not lost forever.
I'm not going to paint the profound ideas of confrontation transcendental nature immanent and frivolous sense of human superiority over her in the picture. This high quality and carefully made my colleague Bread .
Just watch this brilliant full of harmony and inner heat the film, one of the most humane and heartbreaking Miyazaki films. . Frankly, I could not hold back the tears even for the second time, when Nausicaa rushes to meet his death
In the film, only one old woman, half-blind Baba Vanga moymu either superfluous, or simply does not cause sympathy; zamozdalye her constant comments like an echo to the above, a comparison with Nausicaa mustached muzhik-Messiah at the end is ridiculous. Fortunately Haya-she refrained from the use of these characters in the future.
And of course it must be noted that the first film Nausicaa of the cycle of Miyazaki, where there was a complete idea of ​​aeronautics and the conquest of the wind. After all, Miyazaki spent his childhood on military aircraft factory, and perhaps track that left the idea of ​​man in the sky and just the airplane was so amazingly strong for Haya, that he dedicated to her in the least ... Film Gyroplane Cagliostro, though antediluvian monument to aircraft equipment, but it was also very good, and still Nausicaa largely, if not entirely for Haya start, and for studio Ghibli's first start with the bat.
So all in front, running motors, wings whistling in the wind and our fighter rushes to meet the legendary Laputa.
Unable becoming it estimate Miyazaki with 7 different sides, and points here to a word out of place. A hymn to life, and it is impossible to estimate.
If you want,
10 of 10

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