"Nausicaa of the Valley of winds" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

At the time of this anime Hayao Miyazaki has already been master of his craft. On the one hand, it was the first independent Art project Hayao Miyazaki - now he could shoot something that was interesting to him, rather than his sponsors. But, on the other hand, it was his first solo commercial project. The success or failure of the film depended much. "Not to miss" was very important. And all of these moments a wonderful feeling when watching the anime.
In this film, Miyazaki put all his fears for the fate of the world. Judge for yourself - he created two films in a row on the lost civilization: "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" and "Sky Laputa Castle", and it was his first original works
Indeed, there is no guarantee that our planet has been converted into the world. like the world Navsikai. Giant mutated forest where not to live - even breathing is dangerous. Mutants of all sizes. Vast deserts, acidic seas. fragments of its former greatness scattered everywhere. Rotten spaceships, giant abandoned buildings. People degraded to feudalism, but retaining some high-tech machines. I liked the hill country in the wilderness, tetrahedral, and with truncated vertices. First, one wonders: what is it? And then you know - this is not the hills, it melted skyscrapers ... But let's not talk about sad things
is seen as Hayao Miyazaki's bent over backwards to "hook" the viewer.. Many impressive moments! Why are only the fights. For example, between Nausicaa and talmekami. Wallpaper designed and traced to fanaticism: shows even pieces of wood, the hammer flies away from Navsikai, visible only in the still image mode. No less interesting duel between the swordsman Jupe the same talmekami. To make an episode of spectacular, and not hard, Miyazaki uses an interesting artistic device. When talmeki surround Jupe, and he's going to fight back, the screen becomes dark, split-second glimpses of some glimpses; darkness disappears, and can be seen fluttering talmeki. Only when the single-frame viewing realize that glimpses -. It blows Yupy blades, and their collisions with other blades
In the anime, there are more impressive artistic techniques. For example, communication with Navsikai ohms as a direct contact of two minds. It turned out beautifully, convincingly, and pretty deep. All these wild animals, despite the frightening appearance and aggressive behavior, in my heart - children. Just brutal realities of the world have made them so. (The same can be said about many people.) I was always amazed how Hayao Miyazaki is able to seamlessly screw deep thought and philosophy in the anime structure. A moment of air battle, when Nausicaa rejects attack on Azbera talmeksky transportation? It's should to see. The behavior of the characters at some point very convincingly. Simply amazing how perfectly Hayao Miyazaki understands human psychology
is what catches the eye -. Is to create the atmosphere of a director, a strong and unique. This zashkalivaet atmosfernost, from the beginning to the end of the film, as in the films of Hayao Miyazaki, I have met very rarely. In this anime, it appears almost immediately. First director shocking realities of the world Navsikai viewer, and then the entry begins. Music here perfectly matches the colors of the image, but a little at odds with its meaning. In Example miyadzakovskih anime convinced that every good harmony melody only from a strictly defined set of colors. Music in the introduction, by the way, passes the state of a person after a global catastrophe.
many beautiful scenes. For instance, panoramic area near the Valley of the Winds. Evening, the desert to the horizon, motionless sea, and on the background of the night sky - the ruins of a huge spaceship ... A scene in the cave ... And all this - for an easy, almost imperceptible, and very beautiful music Joe Hisaishi .
and how cleverly the director plays with the color of clothing and deceives the viewer in response to the question - who the man, which tells about the prophecy? Long did not know when the same has managed to disguise dress Navsikai, and most importantly, why ? There's no magic, just need to carefully reconsider all!
Incidentally, ceramic blades do exist. Interestingly, that their industrial production started in Japan, a year after the release of the anime on the screen ...
In general, the anime has turned out very atmospheric, impressive, beautiful but gloomy and not very pleasant. Besides prophetic - 2 years after its release on the screens of the Chernobyl disaster occurred. Humor in the film is virtually nonexistent. Miyazaki realized that took something close to "dill", and later tried not to do it. Because the next film by Hayao Miyazaki's "Castle in the Sky", also filmed on the lost civilization, no less atmospheric and serious perceived much easier. I hope that I will write more about this ...
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