"Nausicaa of the Valley of winds" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Yes, 'Nausicaa' - this is not the first film as a director Hayao Miyazaki. Yes, it's not even his first feature film. Yes, Hayao Miyazaki had already turned 43 years old, when the film first came out (of course, Japanese). Prior to that, in the future asset Sheehan Japanese anime series was unpretentious Adventure series such as Full Movies about Arsene Lupine was well known even to this day cartoon 'Panda kopanda' (1974), in which Miyazaki made as a writer and cartoonist.
This So. But, I think many would agree with the view that it was with the film 'Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds' Miyazaki finally born as director. As an artist, a creator, educator and storyteller. As the bard transcendent nature, indescribably beautiful, wise and fair. Like a lighthouse, which stands on the border between childhood and the rest of life and allows us, in spite of the time, at least for a short time to sail back to once again plunge into the magical world of children. As a wise and cheerful teacher who knows how to make us see the funny side of some of the characters in his films different simple human weakness, to see - and smile at them. As an innovator anime video and an outstanding master of atmosphere. How ... how ... how Miyazaki, which we know it. No, in 1984, not all can be seen as clearly as now. But it is in 'Nausicaa' Miyazaki began on the path that led him from sempai to Shihan
"Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds' -. It is still an adventure film. There a lot of action, movement, there are episodes from the fights, battles, there is even a large-scale battle scenes. The film has a fair share of all sorts of futuristic details that can not be so common in modern cinema (do not forget, however, that the film was made in 1984, when it is not crammed on edge). But this is only the outer wrapper, which is hidden is really precious for its dramatic and ethical values ​​of the core
key aspect of the picture -. The relationship of transcendental nature and a reasonable person in
postapokaliptichnom world 'Nausicaa' in the world, mutilated anthropogenic environmental katostrofa., a person is on the verge of extinction. From the former, as you can see, the mighty and majestic civilization were only miserable fragments. However, not only threatens human end, but the whole of the nature that people are used to seeing around him. The new nature - it's endless thickets of giant mushrooms spreading the poisonous fumes. These thickets teeming nightmare huge insects, among which there is a new king of the new nature - a gigantic, studded with eyes, terrible and invincible insect Omu. There are legends about how in the old days, countless herds of angry Omu razed more than one mighty empire.
for human life in the Forest is impossible, because he refers to the territory of the Forest Lands of the Dead. rapidly spreading Dead Earth, mushrooms Wood easily displace the normal flora and to stop the process is almost impossible. The man huddled on the edge of the forest, constantly retreating farther and farther away, and knowing that very soon will have nowhere to retreat.
But in this atmosphere, in a presentiment late tomorrow, people are still divided into warring states, they are still fighting each another, something shared. People are people, they are doing their own thing, pursue their own mercantile goals and repeat the old mistakes. Here, one of the states found an ancient artifact forerunner - the legendary robot warrior, has incredible destructive power. Although really do not know how to manage it, but people want to use this terrible weapon against forests and against other people. Transcendental nature 'feel' threat in the Forest again begin to gather in flocks blinded by rage Omu. Comes another big battle of the Forest and Man, battle seems to last for the people.
But in all this horror is there is one man (Nausicaa, young pritsessa Valley of the Wind), which looks at the world very differently than everyone else . Nausicaa loved Forest. It is not all day long climbs of fungal overgrowth, which carefully examines the new nature, and even communicate with her. Nausicaa believes that people and forests can co-exist (and its research confirms that it is indeed possible). She doted in Omu, because he knows how gentle can be this monster, when he is not in danger. Nausicaa is committed to bring peace and protect everyone from all - their compatriots from militant neighbors, enemies from the wrath of his friends, people from the Forest Forest from people. And strive not just in my mind, it takes a lot of action in this direction.
peak of the film is a scene from a children's memories Nausicaa. This scene is short and simple, but it shakes its drama and humanistic burden. Under a tree, next to the sun-drenched wheat field, little-little girl playing with a small-small Omu, plays and sings the happy children's song. And then come the adults, there are numerous hands, and the girl, knowing that she is doing something that can not be done in vain attempts to obscure the small Omu and in despair repeats: 'Do not worry, do not worry'. Adults, of course, do not listen to the baby and carry away is vile and dangerous insect, the larva of the human enemy, carry at arm's length. This scene did not just break through a tear of pity. It is, perhaps, no other episode in world cinema, piercing expresses humanistic idea antiksenofobii.
little girl and little Omu do not care what they say, belong to completely different species, one species, they say, totally incompatible with the other, that their countrymen continuously destroy each other without an account and pity. The girl does not know that the larva Omu - this stranger who must instinctively evoke horror and disgust. Girl and small Omu just play with each other and just a child happy in their union. Omu each girl how in our time can be a puppy for a child and a girl weeping bitterly, when my father carries a larva. Scene just brilliant and the song girls - it is simply a hymn to the idea of ​​
already matured Nausicaa sees in the guise of Omu a huge tree, and in other words -. Transcendental nature. A Omu, in turn, see themselves equal Nausicaa being an integral part of Nature. For the sake of peace and salvation of all around Nausicaa literally sacrifices himself. Such self-sacrifice and compassion leads to the fact that WMD and people back in front of this feat. In front is already reasonable hope for mutual understanding and peace
Thus, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind -. It is not just an epic hero like Achilles. This is literally what is called the word 'Messiah', no more and no less. Man, but inhumanly wide consciousness, bringing to life the deep humanistic ideas, a victim of a (successful) solely for the sake of people and the Inhumans - all these are typical signs of the Messiah
In the film, there are many other valuable things.. You can watch and simply as an adventure movie and as fiction, horror elements can even be seen here. It can be seen in the movie and a lot of fun, comedic moments, forcing smile. There are some elements of romance. In general, the film is full of interesting and even if you do not look for a philosophical parable, and just want to relax and have fun. I really do not know how you happen to miss the profound content and drama. But if you get - have fun with quite bright and saturated wrap
image Nausicaa pass the red line for all subsequent work of Miyazaki.. Features of this princess of the Valley of the Winds in one way or another can be seen in the Cité of Laputa, and the little witch Kiki, and Satsuki from Totoro and even Chihiro of 'Spirited Away' is there something. And in pritsesse Mononoke have even more. But nowhere else is such Nausicaa-Sospita such a strong and bright spirit. However, there will be something more, not less interesting and deep.
Since then, she got 'Nausicaa', it has been almost 25 years. Now gray-haired, very HaYao already a legend, an absolute 'number one' in the whole genre of anime. One of the founders of a splendid studio 'Ghibli' (whose emblem is, by the way, his character Totoro). His film 'Our Neighbor Totoro "is taught in Japanese schools, as an example of national art. Miyazaki is now the frontman and the locomotive of the genre, which allowed anime art (not to be confused with the anime massproduktom a la 'Pokemon') to break out of Japan and conquer the world. Even pop award Oscar, born for 'Shrek' and other computer Disney craft, could not resist the Miyazaki. Himself Akira Kurosawa said about Miyazaki films like: 'It's nice to know that with our Miyazaki movies have some common cultural background. But we should not humiliate Hayao Miyazaki's work, comparing them with my work. " It's all true. But the first strong and confident step on the way from sempai to Shihan Miyazaki did it in 'Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds'. Witness this
PS:. I do not understand these balls as possible to differentiate art? Well, you can put 10/10, if you like. It is definitely a movie that is required for viewing. Especially recommended for viewing the young shoots, which brought him to the devil knows what.

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