Natural disasters Essay

The pathway that I am in is the Health Science pathway at Dubiski Career high school. A problem my industry faces, is preparing our health care workers to better assist during disasters. A way we can help solve this problem, is informing the people on how to prevent any serious damage. Also providing our teams with better training and equipment. I purpose to fix this problem we should have updated evacuation and prevention plans.

Disasters have always been a part of our world, whether it be from natural causes or manmade. Many people have suffered and have been hurt not only physically but emotionally. For example, in 2005, hurricane Katrina was one of the most devastating disasters to occur killing over 1",300 people and leaving the community destroyed. In 2001, the terrorist attacks on the twin towers, had hundreds of people dead, hurt and emotionally broken. Between 2004 and 2006 India had over 400",000 people dead and families devastated, in result of the earthquakes and Tsunamis. (William, pg(381-385)

These disasters have not only affected the people and the community but have affect the health care providers just as much. These situations can affect anyone anywhere but on health care workers it really has a toll on. A normal day at the hospital can be busy but days where a disaster has occurred it can be very chaotic. Being prepared to assist hurt people, lost people and having lives in your hands can increase the stress levels in anyone trying to save your life. A reason why it’s important to make safety and evacuation plans is because, lifting some of the weight off someone’s shoulders can help them work better. For example, in places that are poorer, they have less supplies and space to put people. This alone can affect the stress levels of those health professionals, rather than the ones who work in a wealthier community. Hospitals have always had plans and ways to prepare themselves to face these traumas, but when the time comes it’s different. Being put on the spot and having anxiety isn’t a way to work. The goal is to be able to work in a relaxed environment and by having these plans the people can help these professionals, by avoiding ways to get injured.

A way I believe we can all prevent damage and help each other out, is being educated about disasters. There isn’t any way of knowing about disasters made by man but something we can all learn more about is natural disasters. Knowing and understanding how these occur and the phases of them can help us make plans according to them. Something we must remember in making these plans, are that these disasters won’t work around us, we have to work around them. Another way we can solve this problem is, by not having teams just focused on specific situations, we should have a team specifically for disasters. The difference between having this team is that, the fire department, ambulance, environmental team and many more will be apart if the team.

This team will have the team members and equipment to be able to ensure the safety and first aid the people need. Another way I intend to resolve this problem, is to not only have a team for the country but have each city, town, or state have one that is specifically for disasters. There shouldn’t be different teams there should be one big team to have more support on what is best to do. Depending on the severity of the disaster for example, if it only effects the city then the cities team should have a plan for them to insure people’s safety. If it has to do with the state, then the state should have their team prepared for whatever disaster it is. By having these teams doesn't mean we won’t allow others to help.

Not only having these plans will help but a big part of making this work is communication. Having communication in the teams will make them work better together to have the plans have a better effect. But having communication with the community is a very big part of it. Having evacuation and safety plans to prevent damage is no good if the public is unaware of these plans. Something that should be a part of these plans is having a way to inform the people about what to do or where to go so these plans can work at their best. If most of the world knows the plans this can decrease the damage made by the disasters. In cases such as natural disasters, it’s hard to prevent any damage made by them. But having a less negative effect can help everyone.

I know that making these changes can help resolve the problem because, having less people hurt and in need can decrease the stress levels in workers. Having any kind of plan will help. The health providers will perform better at what they do. They will focus on helping the people, and the plan will not only help the workers but help the community to live a normal everyday life.

Some of the skills I have learned from being in the Health science pathway are, learning how to be prepared for certain situations, and how to comfort those who need support. I can recognize and understand the way the human body works. I know what the basic needs are to be able to keep someone alive. I can use these skills to help make these plans and help others know their basic needs of survival.

Creating these plans and groups will help the teams be better equipped for situations and less people will be affected. Taking actions in situations we face can always benefit us when the time arrives. Having these plans doesn’t mean everyone will survive and that there won’t be any damage done. But having a plan to prevent some of the damage and suffering can help a lot rather than having no plan.

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