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In visiting the National Cancer Institute, I have discovered various significant information. The website is primarily catering the readers with all necessary information about cancer. It also contains all types of cancer that hits an individual regardless of gender, age, and race. Apart from that, it also detailed things in dealing with the disease by laying down the treatments for the cancer. Interestingly, the website reveals the research that the institute is doing and the source of funding such researches and other activities relative to cancer. By looking at the website, there are also various important information like the Recovery Act and the Institute’s activities that interests cancer patients. Furthermore, the website is available at

Primarily, the National Cancer Institute is a government’s website. The purpose primaily is to educate cancer patients as well as other individual who might be interested in learning about cancer. At the Homepage, the website presents the summary of the website’s content that when one is interested in reading about it, the reader only needs to click the word and the reader will be directed to the information. Some of these includes types of cancer, clinical trials and cancer tips.

According to the website, there are several common types of cancer. Some of which includes cancer of the bladder, breast, blood, skin, colon, kidney and pancreas. Cancers such as melanoma, prostate cancer, tyroid and endometrial cancer are also common type. From the study of the American Cancer Society, the incidence of cancer cases in 2009 has estimated to 35,000 or more (National Cancer Institute, 2009). However, from the result in the table that has been provided in the website, there are hundreds of thousands of new cancer cases and thousands have also died from the recorded new cases. The table reveals the truth that common cancer is still persistent in hitting victims. The website also contains information about all other types of cancer. I t was quite alarming that there were almost a hundred kind of cancer.

In surfing further, the website also provided for available clinical trial, clinical trial results, even educational materials about cinical trials and trustworthy clinical trials and the process in conducting clinical trials. For most cancer patient and those having relatives or friends with cancer, the site is really helpful. Apart from that, the website also offers the reader the cancer statistics which contains the number of recorded cases and also the mortality rate according to type of cancer. The data has also been provided in an easily understandable way in order for reader to interpret it by merely looking at the figures.

As to the websites research and funding activities, it can be gleamed from the website that National Cancer Institute has various research priorities. Among these includes The Nation’s Investment in Cancer Research, Science Planning and Assessment, The Cancer Genome Atlas, and Progressive Review Groups, among others. The funding also comes primarily from the government and from private sources. Interestingly, the organization also offers research grant for those interested and qualified applicants.

Additionally, recent news about the organization and its activities and about cancer can be viewed in the website. This keep those interested readers and subscribers to be updated about recent development in the organization and about cancer as well. Job posting in the organizaiton and its partners are also posted for those interested to be a part of the organization. Notably, the site can be read also in Spanish by merely choosing the language espanol. Generally, the website is not only informative about cancer but also provides the details about where part the taxpayer’s money go. Furthermore, it also opens an opportunity for those interested to work and experience the life at the National Cancer Institute.


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