Narratives from word to images through social media Essay

Narratives from word to images through social media


This paper will talk about narrative pattern from words to images through social media and how the narratology theory has had its impact on this. Over the years the narrative pattern has evolved in different ways and it had it impact on readers. There are several reasons for the change especially aspects like people, writers, breaking stereotypes etc.

Narratology is an important concept and it plays a vital role in this field of research. The advancement of this variety of hypothesis quickened in the mid-twentieth century. The establishments of narratology were laid in such books as Vladimir Propp's Morfologiya skazki (1928; Morphology of the Folk Tale), which made a model for folktales dependent on seven "circles of activity" and 31 "capacities" of story; Claude Lévi-Strauss' Anthropology structural (1958; Structural Anthropology), which delineated a language structure of folklore; A.J. Greimas' Sémantique structural (1966; Structural Semantics), which proposed an arrangement of six basic units called "actants"; and Tzvetan Todorov's Grammaire du Décaméron (1969; The Grammar of the Decameron), which presented the term narratology. In Figures III (1972; incomplete interpretation, Narrative Discourse) and Nouveau Discours de récit (1983; Narrative Discourse Revisited), Gérard Genette systematized an arrangement of examination that analysed both the real portrayal and the demonstration of describing as they existed separated from the story or the substance. Other persuasive scholars in narratology were Roland Barthes, Claude Bremond, Gerald Prince, Seymour Chatman, and Mieke Bal. This people were in the evolution of narratology and they are considered as important figures in the history of literature. There are good and bad to this. Nowadays there is a social network which uses image to express and emote. This has become a narrative pattern on its own. Before when there was a superhero comic people used to visualize it and they used to think how the superhero looked. Everyone had their own visualizations but images for example give us the material we don’t need to think much. Narratology word comes from narrare which is a Latin word meaning ‘to tell’. Narratology is the "investigation of account structures." To be increasingly explicit, narratology is "the investigation of how stories make meaning, and what the fundamental systems and techniques are which are normal to all demonstrations of narrating.

Narratology is strongly associated with structuralism as it led way to narratology. Narratology had begun with Russian formalists especially by people like Vladimir prop. Story and plot are the essential factors in when it comes to narratology other factors like class, identity, ethnicity and sexual orientation are not given much of importance. The genuinely critical part of narratology is that it focuses on the noteworthiness not of content (principally) yet of teller. That is, it gives us one more edge from which to think about an abstract work.

As we look at narratology Aristotle had a big contribution to narratology.

Aristotle claimed that character and plot were “the essential elements in a story” and that “character must be revealed through action, which is to say through aspects of the plot. As we look at plot and story we should also take a look at the elements they are hamartia, anagnorisis, and peripeteia. Vladimir propp in his book the morphology of the folktale published his finding concluding that there are thirty one basic functions in creating a work. Narratology depends on the possibility of a typical scholarly language, or an all-inclusive example of codes that works inside the content of a work. Its hypothetical beginning stage is the way that stories are found and imparted through a wide assortment of media, for example, oral and composed language, motions, and music—and that the "same" story can be seen in a wide range of structures.

No single story has every one of the thirty one capacities, obviously; everyone has a determination of them, and besides, the capacities dependably happen in the request recorded. The thirty one functions are

1. One of the individuals from a family absents himself from home.

2. A ban [prohibition] is routed to the legend.

3. The ban is disregarded.

4. The miscreant makes an endeavour at observation.

5. The lowlife gets data about his unfortunate casualty.

6. The lowlife endeavours to swindle his unfortunate casualty so as to claim him or his things.

7. The unfortunate casualty submits to trickery and in this manner accidentally helps his foe.

8. The lowlife makes damage or damage an individual from a family. One individual from a family either needs something or wants to have something.

9. Misfortune or need is made known; the saint is drawn closer with a solicitation or direction;

10. The searcher [the saint in "quester" mode] consents to or settles on neutralization.

11. The saint leaves home.

12. The saint is tried, grilled, assaulted, which readies the path for his getting either an enchanted operator or partner.

13. The saint responds to the activities of things to come benefactor.

14. The saint obtains the utilization of a mystical specialist [that is, an article, and creature, etc.].

15. The saint is exchanged, conveyed, or prompted the whereabouts of an object of pursuit.

16. The saint and the scoundrel participate in direct battle.

17. The saint is marked.

18. The scallywag is vanquished.

19. The beginning incident or need is sold.

20. The saint returns.

21. The saint is sought after.

22. Rescue of the saint from interest.

23. The saint, unrecognized, arrives home or in another nation.

24. A false saint presents unwarranted cases.

25. A troublesome assignment is proposed to the legend.

26. The assignment is settled.

27. The legend is perceived.

28. The false legend or lowlife is uncovered.

29. The legend is given another appearance.

30. The reprobate is rebuffed.

31. The legend is hitched and raises the royal position.

Basically these functions form a structure because these are the predominant lines in a story. Maybe two or more functions can be seen in one story.

Three narrative levels exist:

Dimension of nonfictional correspondence

Dimension of anecdotal intervention

Dimension of activity

We will say that all books venture an account voice, some increasingly particular, some less, some to a more prominent, some to a lesser degree". All accounts must be told from some position not withstanding when it isn't clear that there is a storyteller. The situation from which a story is told influences its passionate and intellectual effect. As the proposition proclamation says the narratology from word to photos is all the more dominant and powerful. Visual portrayal assumes an increasingly imperative job as individuals get pulled in to it so effectively. Feelings, emotions, enthusiasm are general these are taken by individuals in various ways. In such manner when taking a gander at an image we will in general associate with it in excess of a composed work which is extremely long. Story photography is the term utilized for speaking to stories through pictures in spite of the fact that there are different terms like visual accounts and so forth pictures are not simply utilized for amusement reason for existing it's likewise utilized for depicting social, political, recorded occasions. Same story can be told in different media is one of the key instances of narratology.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

This statement by Fred R. Barnard reveals to us the significance of pictures. The elucidation of the photo or pictures fluctuates with individual to individual despite the fact that there is the proprietors understanding of the picture we can't constrain it to only one translation along these lines likewise visual narratology assumes an essential job. The most essential model that we can take is that when we perused a paper we generally take a gander at the pictures and features. Everything takes a moment for us if an image is enamouring we will recall it for quite a while. Pictures likewise impacts society and the reasoning of individuals like the time magazine which depicted Donald trump and a youthful little child crying. The image says "welcome to America". This image turned out to be all the more dominant and there were strikes as a result of this spread against Donald trump. Baby is a migrant she is isolated from her mom in the fringes due to trumps new migration strategy.


[image: ]

Donald trump the president of America seen in times cover with a toddler crying fig (1).

Chapter 1

This research paper talks about photography and literature. The main goal for both literature and photography is depiction. Both strive towards the same goal but the way in which the goal is achieved is different. In the book, “photography and literature” we can see Francois Brunet arguing that photography being a threat to the writers because of the artistic impact it had on its viewers which takes an instance to captivate. The aftereffect of this test has been an incredible interchange between the two and among picture takers and scholars themselves. Photography and Literature survey the whole history of photography, and Brunet starts by investigating how the innovation of pictures was shaped by method for composed culture, both logical and abstract. During romanticism literature was considered as the extreme and top form of self’s expression but this was argued and later came other forms of expression which gave a tough fight to romanticism and photography was one of the forms which expressed individuals self or any expression. There is still exists a healthy competition between photography and literature. Today photography is the “new muse of literature”. Brunet argues that “Photography is writing with light”. Collection of pictures is a video. Video is also a narrative.

The book Five point someone written by Chetan Bhagat is the primary text of this research paper. The book talks about three guys who are from different classes come together and how they handle it. A lot of people came to know about the book after watching the movie. “Three Idiots” is the name of the movie directed by Rajkumar Hirani. It was the best movie of that year with a social message. The film "Three Idiots" is an incredible parody on the instruction framework and the demeanour of society.

It discloses to us repetition learning can be destructive. That information is to 'know' and not simply for the sake of teaching ourselves we remember whatever comes in our direction. Learning without comprehension can turn out to be exceptionally hazardous. Lamentably we have been supporters of such framework from early days. Repetition learning used to be imperative amid the antiquated occasions when training was being cornered by a segment of society, while rest of the majority stayed uneducated. Most likely despite their instructive prohibition, they had more learning than the supposed literates of the general public. Indeed, even without getting the advantages of formal training, they comprehended their work and transmitted it many generations with most extreme productivity.

“Before 3 Idiots on screen, you still don’t feel like the fourth idiot in the theatre. That’s a non-Bollywood relief. This is the sort of movie you’ll take home with a smile and a song on your lips, unless the hype has entirely messed up with your expectations”, writes Mayank Shekhar.

Mayank Shekhar is a famous Bollywood critic. He says his feel about the movie comparing this with a review of the book by Pankaj Sharma.

Fig (2)

[image: ]

Cover photo of the movie three idiots fig (2)

Fig (3)

[image: ]

Cover photo of the book Five points someone by Chetan Bhagat fig (3)

“I’ve nothing much to say about it. It’s a book you can enjoy as one enjoys fast food but as a passionate reader who reads book to get something out of it I was disappointed”

This review is by Pankaj Sharma. From this the difference between books (words) and movie (images or visual representation) the power of visual representation can be seen. “This is pop-fiction of the lightest, laziest sort, its tackling of serious real-life issues and incidents giving it a veneer of earnest thoughtfulness that stands up to nothing”, writes M.A.Orthofer.

There are more field review where when the question about the book? is put forward most people have no idea about the book but they know the movie so this is how visual representation have taken the spotlight. Pride and prejudice is an also another example. Pride and Prejudice is a very important text in literature. Though there is one advantage to the visual way of depicting that is when Pride and Prejudice is looked from children point of few they cannot connect to the text in a literary way they can just read the text like normal people but not in a literary way, but when it comes to movie even children can relate to it in an emotional way. Not just Pride and Prejudice movies like Harry potter, The Lord of the rings, the hobbit, the great Gatsby, Chemmeen (Malayalam movie) these movies are very captivating and pleasing they have gained a lot of fans in this contemporary era. The point this chapter trying to convey is that it’s not degrading the written work but to say that visual form of depicting is more powerful in this era. ”Without doubt, this is the scariest Potter film so far. There are moments when even adult film-goers will be watching through their fingers - a scene in which Hermione is tortured, albeit heard rather than seen, another in which a Hogwarts teacher comes to a very unpleasant end” This quote is taken from The telegraph website about the movie and these above lines show how a person can connect to this movie emotionally, and the emotions are seen from the review if that a visual portrayal will bring out more emotions and the curiosity factor while watching movies is more than reading books though it might not be accepted by everyone but in this popular culture the majority go with the visual portrayal.

“Regardless of how magic is portrayed in the series, we need to remember that witchcraft in real life can and does lead to death—the forever and ever kind.”

Fig (4)

[image: ]

Illustration of Harry potter fig (4)

Fig (5)

[image: ]

Illustration of Harry potter fig (5)

This above quote and picture is taken from the journal Independent. The impact it has on readers especially kids is a little bad as in this makes kids do work which they shouldn’t try. When kids read they tend to explore witchcraft and they try new things which are dangerous. When it comes to visual there are toys which harry potter uses and that won’t be harmful to kids. The one good thing about visuals is when kids look at it they try to be Harry potter in a good way. They try to look like him they try to be smart so they develop skills which are helpful for them in their personal life.

Chapter 2

This chapter will deal with Photographs/images and will talk about the stories and powerful message portrayed through some of the world’s best and famous photographs.

Fig (6)

[image: ]

A young girl rescued from war fig (6)

This picture portrays the emotions of a young girl rescued from war. This picture is also considered as modern Mona Lisa among the photography community. By looking at this one can say that she is a refugee and she is rescued from war and the emotions like anger, justice, hope, boldness can be seen.

This picture was taken by Steve McCurry and it stands right above other portraits.

Her lovely green eyes, her skin, her hair, her delicate garments, the remarkable sharpness of the picture, the integral hues, her spirit penetrating look, everything in this image, speaks.

Fig (7)

[image: ]

A single migrant mother with kids looking hopeless fig (7)

This picture was taken by Dorothea Lange. America was going through depression crisis in 1930s and many papers wrote about it many journals wrote about it. It was a very bad period for the people of America and this picture was a result of the great depression. This picture makes us feel what struggles a migrant mother with kids would undergo and portrays it in a fine way. On the off chance that we ponder the picture, we can without much of a stretch perceive her as the focal point of the picture. Lange had an obsession with hands as images of the diligent work numerous individuals needed to execute professionally, and this one is no special case, yet here the hands demonstrate to us somewhat more, they demonstrate to us a lot of stressing. Also, to wrap things up, the three youngsters on this picture there are two children, encircling Florence one next to the other, and all of a sudden, we can see an infant that looks powerless against the cruel substances encompassing them. We can say that the power of the picture is the stress in her eyes and hands, and the studium of the picture, is the troublesome setting of raising an immense family under the battles of the hopelessness.

Fig (8)

[image: ]

Steve jobs the founder of apple fig (8)

This picture portrays everything. There is nothing complex to breakdown. Everything is already portrayed in this picture. It doesn't generally make a difference what kind of details Watson characterized for this picture; the picture is around one individual, and nothing more. The posture of his hand proposes steady reasoning, and the unobtrusive grin attracted his face, transmits an incredible vitality and certainty. He was one of the great thinkers and when he explained about his project everyone had a question if it is possible? He replied all of them with his invention and this led him to be successful.

“I want to put a ding in the universe”

Fig (9)

[image: ]

A war solider and nurse kissing in New york street at the end of a war fig (9)

The two images are people for sure; however they are the unknown envoys of both every one of the mariners and every one of the medical attendants that buckled down amid the war. The two foundations were major columns that helped United States to keep up its quality amid the repulsions of war. The happened to mark the finish of such a savage and ridiculous time of our cutting edge history, the picture was taken in Times Square, New York City. This portrayal shows how much the war meant to them and how much they struggled during the war.

Fig (10)

[image: ]

Vulture waiting to eat the kid fig (10)

This picture is taken by Kevin Carter. He is a notable photographic artist and this image is powerful to the point that the picture taker passed away when he was asked an inquiry as in for what reason didn't he spare the child from that vulture. Visuals additionally expedite some genuine effect on society. This is one such picture. Picture can be effectively comprehended, a child in an abnormal state and a vulture holding on to eat the child. The term used to describe this picture is “The Struggling Girl”. He won Pulitzer Prize for feature photography.

“I am haunted by the vivid memories of killings & corpses & anger & pain.”

Fig (11)

[image: ]

Mahatma Gandhi fig (11)

Most importantly we have to comprehend the significance of the turning wheel, since one can simply take a gander at the picture and state "for what reason is it needed?" The turning wheel was the most grounded image for India's battle and want for freedom from the United Kingdom. Gandhi was close to one; however Gandhi's secretaries ceased her, and revealed to her that on the off chance that she was going to make the picture, with that exact structure, she needed to figure out how to utilize turning wheel herself to take the picture.

Chapter 3

The third chapter will talk about how blogs, Vlogs, and social media websites (Instagram, twitter, Facebook) have gained attention if commoners and reached every class of audience. Before if you want to be an artist you need to get a scholarly recognition and not just that you have to be rich to publish books. Not everyone who had dreams could succeed. But the trend is changing through social media.

People can write and post it online. That’s all is needed and you become an artist. How far can it go? How far can one gain attention? The answer to it is simple. Recently there was this video where slam poetry was delivered by a young girl named Ananya Johar.

This poetry piece talks about feminism and how women are treated in this current society. All the stereotypes and the kind of treatment a woman gets in her house is portrayed by her. It became such a viral and there were more than 1 million viewers to it in a short span of time. She was then called for a lot of shows.

The main point to understand is that there were so many written works about how woman were treated in the contemporary society by a lot of accomplished writers but not all of it got the spotlight and attention. This video also made everyone think and it was so powerful the emotions she delivered was so appealing to the audience that’s why this video got so much viewers.

Another example would be a normal write up by a random person a one liner or a poem with really few lines along with a picture can get 1000s of like in a short span of time. Which means 1000 people have liked it there might be more than 1000 views but 1000 people likes it. The same when it comes to books or a poem written won’t get that much attention in a short span of time. First it needs to be accepted and then it has to be published, once published you need to grab the audience.

In the United States, there are roughly 350",000 new books and versions distributed as it was done in the good old days every year. The undeniable inquiry that I am certain you are obtaining is out from what number of submitted? That, shockingly, is somewhat hard to state.

To give you a rough approximation, most specialists and distributers will disclose to you that they get between 1",000-2",000 question letters every month, or 12",000-24",000 every year and there are truly a large number of operators and distributers. You can crunch the numbers just as I can. A little level of entries really makes it to the distributed stage. In the United States, there are roughly 350",000 new books and releases distributed as it was done in the good old days every year. The conspicuous inquiry that I am certain you are soliciting is out from what number of submitted? That, lamentably, is somewhat hard to state. To give you a rough approximation, most operators and distributers will reveal to you that they get between 1",000-2",000 inquiry letters every month, or between 12",000-24",000 every year, and there are truly a great many specialists and distributers. You can figure it out just as I can. A little level of entries really makes it to the distributed stage.

That why people go for self-publish. That is people go to social media websites which takes zero cost for us to write and upload. The best part is that it gets published and there are comments basically critics from normal person to a well accomplished person to review our work.

The other thing which can be discussed is interpretation. A picture is uploaded and there is an interpretation of the artist and it is open to interpretations and the message is delivered meaning what we try to portray is reached and few might be against thou what we want to convey is conveyed.

Fig (12)

[image: ]

A man jumping into the water to beat the heat fig (12)

This picture was taken by Auditya Venkatesh. It’s taken near Lakshadweep island and it summer there. This picture tells us how badly the person who is jumping wants to go into the water to beat the heat.

On Instagram there are more than 500 million users every day. There are 95 million posts every day.

Time magazine cover created a lot of political protests and the power of visuals can be seen there too. Donald trump is the one mostly targeted by Magazines. Not just time magazines every magazines intention is to spark something and again attention and the cover page with photograph of such issues help them achieve their goal.


This study on Narratology and how it has changed and changing in the contemporary world through visual medium and how social media has showed that visual portrayal of anything is captivating and that social media being the controlling factor of this present world.

One can easily argue that books still has its place and language didn’t lose its power, but the point this paper is trying to make is that words through books, as in words through hard copy, has lesser effect than words through social media.

Publishing and making that book reach every class of audience and every corner of this world is the most difficult part. Also one cannot easily publish unless he is well known to the publishing community. There is some kind of politics happening there too. This book the city always wins by Omar Robert Hamilton which talks about the Egyptian revolution. This book is a result of Cairo’s violence is a best example to show that how visual medium has impacted and result of it was the book. Earlier it was novels which got converted into movies, now it’s the other way around.

Not just this there is an Israeli illustrator who tried to depict his day today life with the help of drawings made him world famous. Yehuda Devir’s comics on his married life made him and his wife a sensation.

"She saw that on Facebook there's lots of couples who, when they're trying to find an apartment, post photos of themselves saying 'please help us find an apartment",'" Yehuda told The Jerusalem Post in a recent interview. "She said 'why don't you draw something funny so that people will like it and help us?'"

Fig (13)

[image: ]

Illustration of a couples daily life routine fig (13)

This not only helped them but it made them go places and now they are a world famous. Such miracles have happened because of visual portrayal. This paper would conclude that Visual entity being powerful than writing entity through hard copies.

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