Narratives from word to books through social media Essay

This above quote and picture is taken from the journal Independent. The impact it has on readers especially kids is a little bad as in this makes kids do work which they shouldn’t try. When kids read they tend to explore witchcraft and they try new things which are dangerous. When it comes to visual there are toys which harry potter uses and that won’t be harmful to kids. The one good thing about visuals is when kids look at it they try to be Harry potter in a good way. They try to look like him they try to be smart so they develop skills which are helpful for them in their personal life.

Chapter 2

This chapter will deal with Photographs/images and will talk about the stories and powerful message portrayed through some of the world’s best and famous photographs.

This picture portrays the emotions of a young girl rescued from war. This picture is also considered as modern Mona Lisa among the photography community. By looking at this one can say that she is a refugee and she is rescued from war and the emotions like anger, justice, hope, boldness can be seen.

This picture was taken by Steve McCurry and it stands right above other portraits.

Her lovely green eyes, her skin, her hair, her delicate garments, the remarkable sharpness of the picture, the integral hues, her spirit penetrating look, everything in this image, speaks.

This picture was taken by Dorothea Lange. America was going through depression crisis in 1930s and many papers wrote about it many journals wrote about it. It was a very bad period for the people of America and this picture was a result of the great depression. This picture makes us feel what struggles a migrant mother with kids would undergo and portrays it in a fine way. On the off chance that we ponder the picture, we can without much of a stretch perceive her as the focal point of the picture. Lange had an obsession with hands as images of the diligent work numerous individuals needed to execute professionally, and this one is no special case, yet here the hands demonstrate to us somewhat more, they demonstrate to us a lot of stressing. Also, to wrap things up, the three youngsters on this picture there are two children, encircling Florence one next to the other, and all of a sudden, we can see an infant that looks powerless against the cruel substances encompassing them. We can say that the punctum of the picture is the stress in her eyes and hands, and the studium of the picture, is the troublesome setting of raising an immense family under the battles of the despondency.

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