"Mystic River" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The main problem of the picture at the same time and in the vagueness and excessive symbolism. At first it seems that this is a psychological drama. Here are three boys excitedly playing hockey. One kidnapped by unknown and as it later turns out perform actions on them depraved nature. From that tragic moment of life to the unfortunate change in the before and after. This theme is further red thread runs through reel: the victim hero who has long been grown and he has become a father, walking crushed and oppressed, and the other two in his presence is sometimes portrayed feeble semblance of guilt complex
But soon the situation is changing.. Brutal murder forces to look at the history of long-standing child abuse from a new angle - in the context of a hidden motive for the senseless and merciless revenge on who was previously very humiliated and insulted. Directed by openly manipulates the audience, and Tim Robbins character carefully presents himself homely light: the unsuccessful sovret the question where his hand hurt, that show uncharacteristic cold-blooded in the interrogation, it will start to carry the madman raving about vampires, and now own wife looks at him as on crazed monster. Generally Tim Robbins whole movie trying to squeeze out the image of a quiet psychopath, but it turned out great it literally seconds to 5 in a conversation with his wife. Still, the role of the crazy maniacs is not for him.
long been convinced who the murderer By that time, the average viewer. Moreover, that contrast with the rest of childhood friends turns striking. Sean Penn at the expense of his overflowing emotion seems genuine, and the image of Kevin Bacon, though perceived indifferent and aloof, but finally wrapped in a sheet of melancholy to it does not allow a meticulous and tireless partner in the person of Laurence Fishburne. But US investigators, at least in the movie did not knowingly eat his hamburger. They continue to diligently dig, in which white light is extracted to the long-forgotten skeletons and coming close to unraveling.
And here, literally at the last minute, the picture is changing again, suddenly turning now in the social drama. Just before the credits, we finally get the answer to the behavior of the main characters. Sean Penn too impulsive and act independently, because the strong, so the main, because he usurped the legitimate right to decide whom to execute, and whom to pardon. Kevin Bacon hero - a man of the system. He is a typical campaigner, clearly knows how life works and is not going to change anything. The essence of his experiences - a banal quarrel with his wife, but only worth it to return as soon as he comes in a cheerful mood. Years will pass, it will age and will only think about one thing - how to see out the devil's pension, and the rest he did not care. In any case, to go against the clear boys Sean did not intend. And let the final scene they seemed to be divided carnival parade wave of noisy, but let no one be fooled this apparent split into two camps. Indeed, in our everyday life between these two powerful forces - civil service and crime - it has long taken shape bow to mutual benefit and favor
so that the image of three friends here we see prominent archetypes representing the official authority, crime and respectable citizen.. And of course in this story as well as in the life of the main bumps sypyatsya to the ordinary citizen. Because it demonstrates the improper social behavior. In one situation he can not say no. In other acts too impulsively and thoughtlessly. In the third episode, he is too outspoken, whereas in the fourth stage on the contrary too close, rather than tell the truth. In the end he's lying again, and this cowardly weakness becomes fatal. Generally in this movie misunderstanding theme plays first violin, but the main man in the street does so many unforgivable mistakes that naturally sets itself outside of society, personally signed the verdict.
But it is interesting more. Approximately 90% of timekeeping picture looks only as a psychological thriller, not more. A social commentary is woven so careless, coarse stitches just under a curtain of films that are acutely aware of what is happening affectedness. There are questions and sloppy load the topic of secularization, as a symbol of the Catholic cross demonstrated to the audience the background of the characters that at this particular point in time cause only negative perception. In any case, the attacks on the church as a system, has retained at least some moral compass on the background of the official authorities, these should finally lost, look hypocritical.
Well, the main aspect. The film without exaggeration extremely disgusting message. Anyone who was in defiance of social norms and guided by the primacy of personal ambition, he won. And those who followed in the mainstream of public policy or tried, albeit clumsily, to restore the status quo, he lost. In this film, there is no place usual justice, which is directed adequate human triumph, because instead of impartial law here the ball is ruled violence, aggression, nepotism and arbitrariness.
that the film pleases, so are individual actors of the second plan. Personally, I'm not Sean Penn or Kevin Bacon is not impressed. The rest of the film as a thriller as weak as a social drama besprosveten and directing is rejection, because in this view the strings pulled too clearly.
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