"Mystic River" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The film "Mystic River" begins very mediocre and at first even slightly disappointing predictability of events. The provincial American town live three teenage friends: Jimmy, Sean and Dave, are engaged in the most common boyish mischief: games and small pranks. With one of them happens to bad luck: his being taken away in a car two strangers are locked in a cellar for several days had been sexually abused, but that still manages to escape
boys grow up.. In the best traditions of the genre one of them becomes a policeman, the other - the owner of the store, a young man who served a sentence for robbery, the third - zakompleksovannym and mentally unstable type, however, is quite peaceful and harmless. All start a family and children, continue to live in the same city, but with each other is no longer communicating, and almost nothing about each other do not know. However, the will of fate they will meet again under very tragic circumstances ..
Jimmy Marcum ( Sean Penn ) has a 19-year-old daughter Katie from her first marriage, in which he worships the soul, and the two daughter from his second marriage. He is a worthy father of a family, forever blindfolded with his criminal past. One day Katie goes to visit her friends and does not return home. Soon it is found murdered. The murder investigation is entrusted to Sean Devin ( Kevin Bacon ). Of course, the suspicion falls first and foremost on a guy Katie, whom she was going to run away to Los Angeles. But after a while it turns out that in fact might be involved David Boyle ( Tim Robbins ), which saw Katie shortly before her death. Father of Katie, mad with grief, begins his own investigation, believing that he could find the killer of his daughter before the police.
Genre "Mystic River" can be characterized as criminal detective and psychological drama, and it was built according to the laws of the genre. As a result, it is the standard default murder investigation begins with the standard suspects, evil and good standard and standard police search for the answer to the eternal question: "Who killed Laura Palmer", I mean Kathy Marcum. The film could be pressed another thriller, nothing special in itself is not, do not be its director Clint Eastwood, and do not play in it such great actors like Sean Penn and Tim Robbins. Oscars for this film (Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor), they undoubtedly received deserved. These two are literally pull on itself the whole movie, with its rather banal story and some flaws in the script, which significantly spoil the impression from a picture
film certainly deserves attention and is a worthy example of the genre. Voltage increases from scene to scene, from frame to frame, and in the climax reached such a pitch that I want to bite his nails, worrying about the protagonists - David and Jimmy. Of course, in the merit of the actors, who are so clearly, accurately and succinctly could convey the character, experience and motivation of the characters that inevitably begin to believe in the reality of what is happening
And Jimmy and David -. Far from ideal characters, and throughout movie feel to them most contradictory feelings - pity and compassion to rejection and disgust. Sean Penn and Tim Robbins managed with skill and dedication show the inherent, as the various circumstances of life are tragic impact on people's lives and distort it. Both of them -. Accident victims, but to call them innocent victims still can not
Kevin Bacon on the background of Penn and Robbins looks pretty mediocre, however, and the role he is not so dramatic. Very amused his black partner, played by Laurence Fishburne - Morpheus in "The Matrix." Even dubbed it the same actor who voiced Morpheus, and it looked quite fun. In general, the Russian dubbing I did not like very much and badly tarnished impression of the film.
film is based on the eponymous novel by Dennis Lehane, author of "Island of the Damned», in which the well-known film by Martin Scorsese with Leonardo was removed DiCaprio in the title role. The plot of "Mystic River" is much easier and more vital than the plot of the "Island of the Damned", and, in my opinion, the film on it to get a much more realistic, but at the same time, and more intense in its psychological (rather than atmospheric) glow . And the actors in "Mystic River" played much higher than in the "Shutter Island." If "Shutter Island," my great disappointment, the "Mystic River," has managed to catch the quick, and left its mark on the soul.
Noting the advantages of "Mystic River," I want to talk about its shortcomings. In addition to the aforementioned standardness plot turns, its main negative - too stretched and oiled ending. If you cut out the last 10 minutes of the film, the effect of view would have been much stronger. Done is done, and what to do next, Jimmy and Sean will have to decide for themselves. The biggest puzzling last scene between Jimmy and his wife, where she says he did what his heart told him, in fact justify what he had done.
P.S. By the way, the heroes of the movie more than once asking themselves what would have happened if the car is not got David, and who else? But that's the irony of fate that the choice then they did not have. Pedophiles caught them at the home of Jimmy and Sean, so take advantage of the pretext and "take home" in his car, they could only David.
film definitely deserves a good rating. I do not regret taking the time to view it, but the shortcomings he still has, so
8 out of 10

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