"Mystic River" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The tape of the cult American director Clint Eastwood came out in 2003, receiving as much as 4 nominations for "Oscar" in the next, and large enough for a picture criminal-detective genre box office in America, which is very close to the mark of 100 million dollars. And it's not in the genius of Clint Eastwood, who, among other things, confidently took the first place in my personal hit parade of the best directors in the world. Offering experienced and connections in Hollywood maestro managed to invite to your movie actors of the highest level, some of which even have the statuette for best roles: Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, Laurence Fishburne, Marcia Gay Harden. Uvyazyav tense detective story line with internal conflicts of the main characters, Clint slightly deviated from its philosophical tenets, which always put ideological and staging the theme above all. However, by setting in "Mystic River" is hard enough to find fault
Marcum Jimmy (Sean Penn), David Boyle (Tim Robbins) and Sean Devine (Kevin Bacon) -. Inseparable friends since childhood. They play together on the troubled streets of Boston, until something happens - two pedophile posing as boys by FBI agents, tear children from playing hockey and taken away about anything unsuspecting Dave Boyle to his house, where they crank up their dirty work with children. Dave soon manages to escape, but the psychological trauma remains for life.
Years pass, inseparable friends do not communicate anymore. Jimmy keeps his shop, Sean works in the police, and Dave gives all the power the family. Fate brings friends again when Jimmy's daughter is found murdered - Kathy Marcum (Emmy Rossum) . Sean Devin taken to investigate the matter.
looks rather ambiguous game Sean Penn, who received for this role, "Oscar" in the category "Best Actor». It was Jimmy in this film a key character in the it a story line and cut short, or rather, his fault. Jimbo acts in this film at all difficult to understand. At Penn always come out strong images, this -. Not an exception The hero Sean heavy character, and his decisions often depend on the fate of other people. As it turned out, the fate of his daughter, he was not subject to. Interesting fact - the name of Jimmy and his family was changed to Marcus (seed) on Marcum
Tim Robbins also received for this film deserved statuette -. For "Best Supporting Actor". very solid game Tim. After "The Shawshank Redemption" in Robbins appeared popularity and fame, which he in no small measure helped to find yourself in the shoes of Dave Boyle. It is very unusual character, it is taken away Dave pedophiles in that fateful car. He left an imprint. Sometimes he behaves inappropriately, so imagine what it is - the perpetrator is not so difficult. Marcum, for example, in the middle of the painting almost ceased to question his involvement. By the way, if sincere hero Sean Penn in this situation? actor himself is not very eagerly showed his character experiences. Maybe this blind desire for revenge is not due to the death of her daughter, but simply a desire to anyone "soak». Given the criminal past Marcum, at that you can believe.
I do not like bacon. And Bacon also do not like. He shows very little emotion that makes us constantly question his sincerity and naturalness. The image of a little pretentious unsuccessful, although its positive there is no doubt. For example, I think that Bacon hero planted Marcum still behind bars, however, after the credits ...
Of the women involved in the film, I would like to highlight the Masha Gay Harden . The actress looked very convincing in the role of grieving wife Boyle, who is torn to pieces that the uncertainty which has arisen in a situation with the murder of Kathy. S not easy to reckon with the idea that the main suspect - her husband, but that's the worst, she suspects him, and even more than the police and the Marcum. In fact, it was her story and spodvigaet Jimma on the killing of its unwilling human. Unfortunately, her character has played quite a sad role in the film. For the role in this tape Gay Harden was nominated for "Oscar", which in the end did not get. However, there is nothing to be upset - Masha already has a statuette for her role in the biopic "Pollock," which tells about the life of the famous American artist Jackson Pollock
Clint Eastwood, along with his team-perpetuating masters (primarily the operator. Tom Stern Joel Cox et al.) was able to make a fascinating picture in the genre is not typical of a detective. the answer, as always, has cleared up at the end, but it was a criminal? And I wanted to show this very old Eastwood? All again it depends on the person - it is the central tenet of Clint to be followed Not without religion in the beginning of the film in an episode in which a young Dave thrown into the back of the car seat. people come turns and shines his ring - the ring of the priest. The book is not the slightest mention of the fact that this character was a priest. This point has been intentionally added to the film after finding out the circumstances of the scandal that broke out in the Boston Archdiocese. Its head, Bernard Law, was involved in the stories related to the reticence of cases of sexual abuse by priests.
This film is different from other "istvudskih" paintings. And the theme, and meaning, and the development of the plot. He is probably no better or worse, it's just different. And Clint once again raises questions - and for that many thanks to him ...

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