"Mystic River" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

We do homework, refer to his teacher, he picks up a red pen and notes shortcomings. The next day, we are already doing "work on the bugs' ... As we age, we do not cease to make mistakes, that's just the value of change, taking a step into the future, we commit sins. No one knows the exact date, most likely when the child presented with an ultimatum, and he will be forced to make a choice. All commit sins, the majority tries to atone for, but you can-if they do, whether not to leave his life spots as possible? Of course not, because life - it is a responsible choice and choosing we always apply to someone harm. This can be avoided only by dying
They are ordinary people -. Part of society, they have their own problems, as do all these people wake up go to work, enjoy the birth of children, love them, at night lie in bed and koleblyascheysya confidence tomorrow, sleep. But they are different from us so that when we speak about the childhood years, recalled the blackest day, in comparison with which all the bright moments of nothing, which changed everything. Since then, the three friends are rare, random and looking into each others eyes, they can not think about anything other than the car, and because the number of words spoken by them does not matter. A friend is not someone who shares with you the bread, not the one who brings a gift for his birthday and not the one who buys the drinks. The other can be called the one who shares your pain, trying to forget it as you passed through the terrible events of life with you, and if you can remember the smallest details of this event, it will help you remember them.
Jim, Dave and Sean are exactly as friends. The tragedy of Dave, his rape became the demise of all, because any of them could get into the stranger's car, pay mind and only the location of the place of residence saved them. Dave is now torn between the sense later in life and understanding of the events of those days. He went down with the mind or not? Of course not, because he wants to find the reason why it happened, because no one ever receives a response similar to: 'This is the world', 'The Lord missed' or 'everything that is done - all the better' Now he, like his friend Jim live in the same place, each of them has a family, Sean became a police officer, changing the habitat, but they are also left standing on the road and regret hooliganism
Jim -. the father of the murdered, Sean - is investigating the case Dave - the main suspect, ideal for the role of the killer, on the psychological portrait. Death of Jim's daughter forced former friends remember that car, the uncured cement that day, although everyone knows that they did not forget about it. Total two periods of life, terribly little compared with the average duration of human existence, but how badly trampled it into the mud, destroying the future, forcing to live out the days in fear. Lynching, no punishment ... - all this is lost in the bottom line. The consequences of vigilante justice is not much influenced by Jim, because it was not the first time. Revenge for the death of his daughter, revenge for the days spent in prison, instead of being with the woman he loved, and to facilitate its withdrawal from life - that is what is important. Must-Do's father and husband to punish the culprit? There is no doubt, and it is only necessary. All human boundaries of good and evil, what can and can not be black and white due to only one - the fear of punishment, and if the person is not afraid, and the worst thing that could happen has happened to him, to follow the laws and not to cross borders not out. Are there people believe that the father is not entitled to a place on the ability to alleviate the pain of suffering from the sacrilegious murder of a loved one? They say his father would do anything to save her child, and wondering at what he will go for the sake of punishing criminals? Easy to judge others, and even easier to judge those who judge. He made a choice once and did it again. Jim tried to atone for his sins, but it did not work and may have occurred and Zanjeer. The loss of a friend - another punishment for the sins of another, or committed sin? I'm afraid, and it is now for Jim unimportant. How to interpret the end of the film: how hepi-end or as a natural result? whether the choice of the main characters is correct? The answer to these questions can be obtained only answer the following: What is the Mystic River? It is not just water, it is not a place in which to bury the sins; she nook, having the bin in which the protagonist leaves, written in red pen notebook; it is a life that has all in one direction, from point A to point B. This river holds the answers to the questions that we will never figure out the questions that now have a lot of wrong answers. Just sailed up the item in - dying, we may find that so looking
This film about the constancy of views about human powerless, about individuality and violence generated by it ... for children, for our children, the children in us. . The child - a soft soil and sown into it, be sure to change his life. We must remember one thing: the good seed gives fruit, and a rotten remains inside. . Forever
Life - it's not just moments spent with someone, it's not the time allotted to us for our actions, and not even a chance of knowing love. definition of this phenomenon The problem is not simple, because each person has his past, we are all different and have time to make their existence is so small that at the end of the road, at the last moment before he died, our whole life rushes before my eyes. May-be it's just a moment of enlightenment, and I'm wrong, but most likely the majority of our cases are of a dark color, such as poorly erased from memory and immediately taped at a shallow study. We defied the ban, we arrange borders decide the fate, destroy desire, conscience drown in the river - we commit sins, trying to wash off, we launder laundered their sins and clean. From this changes nothing, it's just an attempt - a part of self-deception, the continuation of which our future peaceful life. Bury and wash them is impossible. They are committed, committed us, somewhere we had not been, they will be with us and the only opportunity to get rid of them is not the solution of problems. What to do to continue the path to the severity, as did Jim? Bury sins and wash them? Exactly? In the end, the punishment will overtake us, but if we repent, we will not care.

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