"Mystery of the Third Planet" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Writers of science fiction a lot, and their works are often deflect the library shelves. One of the most prolific artists of his time was Cyrus Bulychev, who wrote several cycles of dedicated space, past, future, fictional cities and countries. The most famous was the series of "Alice's Adventures', but this is partly because it often turning over before the adaptation. Unique image of a brave girl from the future in no way inferior Lear Belakva of golden compass, or Hermione Granger. However, approaches to the image of Alice Selezneva vary.
In the cartoon "The Mystery of the Third Planet" is very curious and brave girl who has blond hair. This vision of Alice's artists and it has not changed with the release of the cartoon "Alice's Birthday" and by the way, with the way he was in full agreement Kir Bulychev. The only thing in the movie can not deliver the pleasurable sensations - is the voice of Olga Gromova, it is a little shrill. But the other characters were lucky with the voice acting - Yuri Volyntsev (Captain Green, whose image was partly copied from the writer) and Vsevolod Larionov high-end real masters. Well, in a voice Gromozeka anyone who has watched the show about the 'Sherlock Holmes' unmistakable voice Vasily Livanov
' The Mystery of the Third Planet "-. It space detective without undue drama charming cartoon for children, who may worry about the same age. The usual flight of rare animals suddenly turns into a rescue operation the ship 'Blue Seagull'. Along the way there are different worlds (we can only marvel at the imagination of the writer), unique plants and relics of the old fairy tales, like the cap of darkness. Especially, of course, remembered the bird talker, which has given the now familiar expression: 'Bird Govorun different intelligence and wit'
Alas, the cartoon is not so easy to understand, if you are a beginner in the universe of Kir Bulychev, if you are. You do not know anything about the characters represented. But this is not 1981, there is an Internet and electronic databases. With them is much easier to understand the large number of characters to get the original books, learn opinions about them from other people. And then, with this wealth of knowledge, re-watch 'The Mystery of the Third Planet ", to assess precisely the visual part of it, a riot of colors LED, voice actors, and great music.
10 of 10 [This cartoon will look in the XXII century on]

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