"Mystery of the Third Planet" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

. My favorite and most successful of all the adaptations Bulycheva
Images of characters transferred to 100%: and Alice - blond fidget (rather than demure-A student from a 'guest ...'), and Laughter - cheesy dobryachok and rats ( however, here it is called the swallowing) - sullen and spiteful, like a poisonous insect. Green - like with illustrations Migunova came down (by the way, why Alice is more similar to green than to professor Seleznev .. Some sort of family secret, is it ...?)
Bulychevsky fantasy world is also depicted wonderfully: many small parts. traced, mobile and detailed backgrounds, a range of expressive episodic characters. The colors are bright - but not cutting the eye, as in modern gubkobobah. How mysterious and beautifully painted alien nature! Truly miyadzakovskoe imagination ...
plot somewhat simplified in comparison with the book. Removed of the characters and scenes - however, does not make the weather. Adult audience, of course, immediately noticed a few inconsistencies and implausible coincidences - but these flaws are not critical, they do not spoil the impression
- according Bulycheva books, the leader of the permanent pirate duo - just Laughter, not rats.
- book captains were three, not two;
- a book called 'The Mystery of the third planet "- is a novelization of the cartoon, is very weak. Just paraphrase the movie, that's all. 'This' book, which was filmed, called "Alice's Journey '(in another version -" Alice and three captains')
I watched 'Secret ...' has forty times. But still, not without pleasure to review it, each time finding new parts in it, previously unnoticed. It is unfortunate that such adaptations Bulycheva no more. 'Alice's Birthday', which I had placed so much hope, was very pathetic
'Guest from the Future' and 'Island rusty General' -. The same favorite things, but any comparison with the 'Secret ...' is not go
'Purple balloon' -. a pale semblance of a 'guest ...', the plot - nesurazen and stupid. As you may have guessed, I - a fan Bulycheva but 'fabulous' story about Alice, I absolutely can not stand
'Prisoners Yamagiri Maru' -. Do some puppet misunderstanding (although also like a child)
appears. whether in our region something new, comparable to the 'Secret ...'? .. Do not even based Bulycheva? .. I would like to believe. But, watching the modern creativity of our animators, in this hard to believe all the weaker. Perhaps itself 'The Secret of ...' new 'enlightened generation' will appear 'psychedelia' and 'addiction'. What to do - the imagination of the modern world have no respect ...
10 of 10

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