"Mystery of the Third Planet" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In childhood and early adolescence watching this cartoon for me was something quite magical. Unimaginable number of Alice's adventures: aliens, robots, space pirates ... all it lasted almost an hour, but it seemed that little, I still like to see a cartoon no ended
But now I like the cartoon.. Bulycheva book I read much later being watched 'The Mystery of the Third Planet "and I liked it too, like the rest of Alice's adventures. But, I remember, I was surprised that the original masters had three. However, the third was some three-legged alien, really not combined with a pair of handsome zvezdoletchikov.
The cartoon bribes reticence of many stories and relationships (considered in isolation from the book), which makes the tape is surprisingly lively. How exactly Alice met Gromozeka? Where is her mother? Who Seleznev mechanic Green? It seems not a relative, but relates directly to Alice as a native, though the relationship with her father is quite smooth, close friendship not name. The name of the famous two captain's why they're so mysterious? In general, it formed the distinct impression that outside of the cartoon characters all lead a busy life, in the world that something is happening, and in addition to the adventures of Alice, and more important, and these adventures a hundred times.
Green with his trademark calm pessimism just lovely. He's not a whiner and not alarmist, one can even say that his life is not sweet, but it is always ready for the worst. And it suffers the blows of fate philosophically and act sensibly.
Here captains somehow I have always been a little suspicious. What they do for things such crank that is in trouble, one tends not to local police analogue call for help, and his running mate? In strict secrecy. And our heroes are not something that is not confided, and even as it hurried goodbye ...
Of all the alien wonders I like best SLR sunflowers. Despite the fact that their secret is explained quite materialistic, they have something in my mind, a mystic. All their life they look at the world, and, dying, show what you have seen in the reverse order ... irremediably losing frame by frame.
And because of this deep space in the works of the Russian-speaking art is no more. This colorful, naive, civilized future. In the words of one of the contemporary writers, 'we exchanged bright future for half a day at the dark now Steel Rat'. Who invent the future is not necessarily horrible, no, but always burdened by the truth of life. It is even, perhaps, for the better - would otherwise have turned out a lie, but the more valuable greetings from the past like 'The Mystery of the Third Planet ". The eighties - the last decade, when such a fantasy about the future could still be genuine.

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