"Mystery of the Third Planet" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The paradox - with all the cult of industrialization and astronautics in the USSR, there was virtually no children's books and cartoons on the subject. Children's fiction, however, something which was (the same Bulichev or "Mystery of the abandoned castle," Volkova) but it is hard to take children without illustrations, and here are just a problem. Soviet illustrations for these works are so primitive and caricature, which raises the question - why in the country, launched the first satellite, could not draw something better than primitive rockets kindergarten level? And where to get new skills for this industry, if not the interest in childhood? Perhaps that is why the United States still has many children dream of becoming astronauts (or, at least, to work in knowledge-intensive industries), and in the USSR, the percentage of those fallen dramatically even in the late 70's. As a result, someone paid attention to such an absurd situation, and created this cartoon. And I must say, it turned out great.
Technical picture quality for its time quite high. The plot is understandable to children, but does not roll down to outright stupidity at the same time. The word "mystery" in the title fully reflects the essence. Looks good (for the first time in the Soviet animation), a large number of different techniques. Of course, it was possible to come up with something more original than the stereotypical flying saucers, but this is detail. Despite the presence of space pirates, the atmosphere is not too aggressive. Fortunately, no ideology, which immediately repels from works like "Dunno on the Moon" and in the modern period looks unholy nonsense
big question (in fact, the entire literary cycle "Alice") -. Worth it to make the main character a girl, if appearance and behavior of the boy she does not differ. Give it a different name, change the voice acting in the animated film - and no one would guess what it is sex. A similar character "Chip and Dale", at least, drew a long hair to somehow distinguish. In my opinion, not very good character. A typical "girl from the future", which, according to the visionaries, was different from the boy only the ability to produce new members of society (according to the approved plan). And nothing else. Dying Europe has proven that such a society is not viable, and when all the cosmic super technology can not support the population. Interestingly, there is also the opposite of Bulycheva Alice - dumb "blonde" Zauri, whose interests are limited to clothing and actresses career. Find balance, few authors are between opposite extremes. Cyrus Bulychev, unfortunately, failed. And indeed, the works in this series are more to humor than to fiction. And it's not always a good thing.
But all that comes to literature, and a very good cartoon.

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