"Mystery of the Third Planet" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Futuristic world - created, Cyrus Bulychev was incredibly popular, and stories about the adventures of Alice were called fans of the genre. Narrative within the space opera quickly caught the fancy of children and adults, and years later the band released the cartoon "The Mystery of the Third Planet". The tape came to be known to the extent that long staying abroad. In the US, was renamed Alice Christine, and to tell the truth, this version was not particularly successful, with the dialog change - the translation is fundamentally different from the original. Therefore, for the Russian viewer English speaking, this version could pass for a pirate. Another version, released in 1990 has undergone a milder modifications Alice voiced by Kirsten Dunst and James Belushi talker. Facts and achievements of project Roman Kachanova not find it, and all thanks to the fact that "The Mystery of the Third Planet" was created anxious attitude to the original stories by a writer of science fiction, and if the director of the cartoon were still made their strokes, they did not spoil the impression of the overall picture. Truisms and shortcomings in the science fiction genre, you can find a lot of it if you dig much, but you need it? "Captives asteroid" looked for many years, demonstrating its readers the future, the future that we still do not have as much advanced technology, those that Cyrus Bulychev so vividly described in his stories so readers was so interesting. cartoon strip is not far removed from the book, and showed the world the aliens and light machines that book lovers and film fans have long wanted to see on the screen.
Alice kind, intelligent and talented in many ways, especially when it comes to sports. However, our heroine there is one drawback - Curiosity. Even if we take as an example only book episodes, it is the children's curiosity and zeal coupled with a desire to find out all served as a catalyst for the adventure, and sometimes misadventures of Alice Selezneva. On top of all, as it were, said Seleznyov senior: "Alice loves animals" (still, because her dad kosmozoolog). In the story "The Mystery of the Third Planet", love for animals and Alice again curiosity forced the heroes to travel from one planet to another, and then it begins the real intrigue and unexpected plot turns; getting into the act the space pirates, robots, unknown creatures. Plus, ultra-modern world now and then accompanied by references to the old tales, it is sufficient to recall the episode with a cap of invisibility. And once again the random (seemingly) events lead to something spectacular - world filled with riddles, mysteries, which won inquisitive minds and a small, but very meticulous girls traveling in outer space, far, very far from the high places "The Secret of the third planet" is a good example of how to use the plot of science fiction works, even when it is exposed to the changes that are known to go into the hands of the film adaptation. In the cartoon simple exposure, but even this does not prevent further progress unimaginable events. The problem of "The Mystery of the Third Planet" and other similar opus is how the audience likes the genre, as well as much if he grew up to make these stories closely whether this vision of the viewer to a similar interpretation of the future world.
Another story about Alice, among current fiction films and cartoons can get lost somewhere in the background of a more contemporary and modern projects, but during the Soviet time, the world of Roman Kachanova and artist Natalia Orlova was very close to the expression "a masterpiece of domestic animation". There are always people who like and Alice have a craving for the unknown, to other planets besides Earth. But many are inspired to become engineers design space rockets, spacesuits improve, trying to find a UFO - people are inspired and cinema and literature can inspire, inspired in the past years, inspiration and now. What now? Now these projects is not enough. For example: "Alice knows what to do" - animated series about the adventures of "guest from the future" can not be compared with the creation of the Roman Kachanova, the latter all a few levels higher, and the first in a feverish attempt to revive the classics much that missed
If you compare the rest. work Kachanova, the "mystery of the planet's third" does not possess the number of quotes that can be taken out of context and used in everyday life, as it did in the case of the cartoons "Shapoklyak", "Crocodile Gena", "Cheburashka", but the cartoon is stored without it . Memorable atmosphere and colorful characters and the strangers that were current at that time the idea, and the tape has been in production for four years, a considerable period, and more time was spent on trying to make something wonderful, fantastically exciting. Managed? Managed. On top of all this the next adventures of "Supergirl" - Alice, about traveling the speed of light. So, if the wild chance you have not seen this wonderful cartoon, then crank the engines of your computer and go.

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