My Travel Destinations In Europe, Asia And Middle East Essay


Myrtos Beach is a beach located between two mountains in the Ionian Sea of Greece. The number one attraction that Myrtos beach has to offer is their boat tours. A famous choice is the “Ionian Discoveries” which is a family-friendly boat tour that is very interactive, all the tourists are given the opportunity on this ride to touch sea creatures that they may have ever seen before.

Another famous attraction is the scuba diving that they have. With crystal clear waters, it is well known for the ability of being able to see sea critters from very far away.Voted by tourists as one of the top 30 beaches in the world, it is clear that Myrtos beach is worth the trip, and a once in a lifetime scene. At sunset, the oceanturns from a crystal blue, to a rose/orange, as the sun plummets away, which leaves tourists with a vivid image in their head that most have never experienced before. Surrounding the beach is the small village of Nivarata, which is home to few people that are lucky enough to experience this beach everyday. These people treat you like family as many of them are the ones giving tours on the boat. With a caring population and comfortable setting, Myrtos Beach is a top tier “bucket list” vacation trip.

I would love to travel to Myrtos beach because I love scuba diving and really enjoy being in warm weather.


The Similan Islands are a group of nine islands located off of the Andaman Sea in Thailand. In 1982, these islands were declared to be a National Park. Described as one of the nicest beaches in Thailand, these nine granite islands always have tourists dying to come back. Being so far out in the Andaman Sea, these islands have very minimal pollution.With not as many people that go to these islands due to the length from mainland, these islands would be perfect for someone who doesn’t enjoy being in large crowds.

One famous, yet unusual attraction, voted by TripAdvisor in these islands is the Elephant Zoo, this attraction gives visitors the opportunity to spend the day with an Elephant, from feeding it to cleaning with it, or even swimming with these Elephants, this 5 star attraction is the highlight of many tourists’ trip.Even though there are 9 islands, tourists can only stay at two of these islands, the #4 island and the #7 island. However, staying at these islands shock tourists as some describe staying at these hotels and bungalows as the “most tropical paradise” ever.

I would want to visit The Similan Islands because I have never experienced a “tropical island” described like these islands.

Middle East

Sharks Bay beach is located off the coast of El Sharm Sheikh in Egypt. This beach is one that captures many tourists with its main attraction, snorkeling. One of the most desirable snorkeling trips is the ‘Ras Mohamed Red Sea Cruise and snorkeling’ with a 4.5 star review, it is described as almost “flying” over incredible coral, and “undescribable” rock formations. With a warm, comfortable 85.5 degree water, it is almost impossible to not enjoy swimming with millions of species of sea life while experiencing some of the most breathtaking, vivid images you may ever see in these waters.

Another attraction is the ‘desert adventure’ which is an amazing trip through the Sinai desert. Being lead by a travel guide, you will be introduced to the Bedouin life and experience the life in which they live, from riding on a quad through the desert, to enjoying dinner with the Bedouin people, this attraction really gives tourist the opportunity to meet people who experience this life every single day I would enjoy traveling to Sharks Bay beach because it would be interesting to ride in the desert and meet people from around the world.

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