My Transition From Childhood To Adulthood Essay

Don’t you just love when the whole family is together on a Friday night and you’re watching a movie and everyone is involved in the movie. My family is the opposite, we always try to find the little mistakes that were made in the movie and argue back and forth on if that was a mistake or not.

We have been criticizing movies and each other for no reason and just one day when we were doing just that; making fun of a movie and my dad just randomly turns off the tv and pulls me into the kitchen and at first I was like” aww crap he found the half eaten meatloaf I threw out the window the night before cause it was horrible”. But it turns out he wanted me to get a job and start paying for my own stuff that I want and I had no idea how to do that. I was not very grateful with this because being a fourteen year old and hoping that I will never have to get a job and mommy and daddy will pay for everything, but… I was wrong. He took me to a farm that was down the road and dropped me off and supposably made a deal with the farmer to put me to work right away. Now this is the beginning of the summer before my freshman year. So this farmer put me to work right as I stepped out of the pickup and I had to do all the jobs that he didn’t want to do and I was enraged with my dad. Six days a week and twelve hour days of nonstop labor. I had no free time because after work I had football practice and lifting, but because of this I learned many things about discipline and respect, you have no idea how many times I cried in the haymow because I was so tired and I just wanted to go home an hour after starting every day. Then around a month in and I had cash in my pocket and started getting use to it, I started to enjoy it.

My Boss one day randomly just grabbed me one morning after I was finishing up milking cows and pulled me over to the 1066 case tractor and told me to get in it. That summer I learned how to drive all types of machinery and vehicles. At the beginning of that summer I was a spoiled brat that got everything that I asked for and at the end I appreciated my parents and money more and learned that respect comes first.

Now I have an amazing job at the restoration and because of that job got me the opportunity to start an apprenticeship for heavy machinery operating starting in May of next year. My transition from childhood to adulthood was getting dragged to a farm and learning what real work was and how to respect your elders.

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