My Strengths And How I Tend To Overthink Things Essay

Everyone is different, some people are much more adaptable than others. I’m very adaptable, and can achieve anything I want, if I actually try hard enough. I can find new ways to do things, but tend to occasionally overcomplicate things. I’m extremely curious and love to look and study new things I never heard of, and like to tinker with stuff to find out how things work. I will be talking about my strengths and how I tend to overthink things.

My personality test results are “the Ccampaigner,””, this means that I am curious and very adventurous and much more. I am an extrovert but people that get to know me more realize I’m more of an introvert, mostly chilling by myself doing whatever comes to mind. I like to be observant of my surroundings, I like having mental notes on where i keep my stuff but surprisingly I still lose things quite often. I only tend to lose things when i place them in a “temporary” location but if it’s long term storage i could tell you off the top of my head where ninety percent of my things in my room are, where they came from and how they got there. Outside of school I am very enthusiastic especially with my friends, we tend to do stupid things for no apparent reason other than to have fun and live in the moment to make memorable memories, but on the other hand while I’m stuck within school, my colorful soul gets sucked out of my body due to overdue assignments and people who don’t help by annoying and (or) distracting me. I enjoy making new friends and talking to new people, I have a very open mind about basically any topic that comes to play especially the weird topics… except trump, I strongly dislike trump.

I have little to no goals in life other than make good mullah and one day take care of my parents like they took care of me, nice and chill for the first half of my life then suddenly get super strict about who they see and where they go. I aspire to one day buy a 2018 Mustang, and maybe make a little bit of money getting into street racing. Normally I am very energetic and if I’m bored i will either sleep or walk around looking for things to do. One of the weird things that i like to do is study a little bit about quantum mechanics/physics, I only got into quantum stuff when one day I was bored enough on YouTube watching conspiracy theories about various things and Boom, quantum mechanics.

Apparently everyone has a purpose in life, some “think” they found it and most of the time they haven’t. Personally I don’t care what my purpose is but hopefully it isn’t in a boring office typing up reports about what went on during the day or making taxes. I have given thought to pathology and being an EMT but still haven’t even decided which college i want to go to. Normally I’ll just see where I end up, and go with the flow from there.

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