My Preferences In Politics’ Labels Essay


Democrats has been my best-fit label given to me by the quiz at I apparently have liberal tendencies in most situations. The main difference between myself and other Democrats is the belief that hard work is enough to get you through life. I agree with that notion and the ideal set. I believe that this quiz was accurate in finding out my political alignment. One of the facts the website gave me is that Opportunity Democrats make up only twelve percent of the population.

Moderate Liberal is the category that youth has placed me in. By the standards given in the small summary box of Moderate Liberals, I would agree with them. This test gives a lot less information for the quiz taker to look over and examine. With that said I like the fact that I was given the names of which house members match my ideology. Corrine Brown and Shelley Berkley where both given to me for my house members. Overall we agree with most democratic views and may be interested in the views of the Green Party.

One of the issues that came up in both quizzes was the idea of homosexuality being legal. I was personally shocked to see that 70% of the conservative Republicans still think it should be illegal. I had more faith that America would be less bigoted by now. I fully understand the fact that you don’t have to like it, but the fact that they want it to be illegal is appalling to me. Just like the fact that they don’t want people telling them what guns they can own, why would they think they have the right to control someone’s life and feelings towards another person. Homosexuality isn’t about what should be illegal it’s about maintaining the human right to love people for who they are no matter what they are. Race, sexuality, body size, and gender should be why you judge someone.

The Environment is how we get there we breathe, the power to maintain our lives, and the ground we stand on. The environment needs to be protected at all cost. You can already look around the world and see what positioning the air does to the peoples. The major health pitfalls and risk of living in constant pollution. You can look back at America over the past few years with the polluted drinking water and the effects that have had. We must start to worry about the environment so that in the long run children don’t have to breathe in smog and die of a mutation or get sick because of the lack of clean drinkable water. One issue argued about is the US involvement in foreign affairs. I strongly believe we cannot seclude ourselves. We must cooperate and make compromises were needed to maintain relations with the outside world. We do not want to become distant from our allies. With all of this said America’s dealings should happen with the mindset of how this can help us. When you look at how a deal might help America make sure to look out at the future and not just right now. Military strength can only get you so far when you’re against the world, having good diplomatic standing with over half of the world is a much safer position. Green party, Democrat, Liberal, Republican, Conservative and more are all identifying labels used in politics.

Personally, I lean towards the liberal sides with a few ideas towards the right. The Green party has the right ideas when it comes to energy, Democrats have foreign affairs figured out and the Republicans have a lot wrong that I disagree with except for some ideas with money. Overall no one party has enough for me to fit perfectly but I have more in common on the left then I do the right.

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