My Personality Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

I am different, I am rare, I like challenges, but it’s hard for me to communicate with others. My personality strengths are that I´m creative, I enjoy finding the perfect solution for someone I care about. I’m insightful, I see through honesty and disingenuous motives. I´m inspiring and convincing, I am someone that speaks in a good way to my friends, acquaintances, and teachers. I get emotional easily when facing a conflict, I value the people around me, I always think what would I do without them. Due to my strong beliefs, I get stubborn when I believe I am right. I try to not get too much attention, because I am someone that is not sociable enough to easily face and talk to someone.

My personality weaknesses are that I’m sensitive, when someone challenges or criticizes my principle and values, and are likely to receive an alarmingly strong response. I am highly vulnerable to criticism and conflict. It’s hard for me to communicate with others because I’m extremely private when it comes to my personal life, it’s hard for me to open up even to my closest friends. It’s challenging for me to trust someone, I’m a perfectionist, and I tend to get bored of things easily because of my poor patience. I try to make a lasting positive impact on my teachers every year, and I will always see students talking back to their teachers. I find that combativeness will not help me achieve something, I want to be successful. There are people who don’t have dreams; they have expectations, they have good lives, but part of their lives is that they work to achieve. It’s not because they must or because they want to, but that’s how it is. Then there are the idle dreamers, who rarely succeed. Their dreams are nice to think about, nice to have, but require too much effort to work at. They never start working toward those dreams, but I’m capable of taking concrete steps to realize my goals, and make a lasting positive impact. I work towards my dream, I’m not an idle dreamer, I must not be an idle dreamer. I will want it, and I will work at it I do well in my classes. I prefer staying at home, than going outside, I focus on what I want, and I want to realize my dreams.

I have to be sure that someone is being honest, so that I can associate with them. I have to really get to know someone to be able to show my true self. I have to meet someone that has the same interests as me to be able to first talk to them. Friends I can be comfortable with are the sort of people that I will keep by my side forever. Since I am someone that has a hard time interacting with someone it’s hard to get many people, due to that I will not have many friends. But I will for sure know they are the ones that will always be there for me.

In conclusion, I am someone who has to get to know someone in order to open up to that them. At first I might seem quiet and reserved but when someone really wants to get to know me, I will open up, to the point of surprising them. My friends say I’m different from the me of the past, that I changed a lot. But It wasn’t me that changed myself, they changed me. They made me know that I wasn’t alone in this cruel and judgy world. In my group of friends there is always someone who brags, lies, acts crazy, is crazy, used to be shy, is shy, but they are my friends for life!. I still have problems communicating with others, but it’s a challenge I have to get past through in order to survive in the real world.

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