My Passion For Language And Linguistics Essay

From a young age, I fell in love with words and all they could achieve. Triggering a Language Acquisition Device with such strong stimuli during my infancy provided an explanation why, even at seven years old, I was applying the science of linguistics to everyday life, questioning why we use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Through the diverse array of the linguistic topic, I have developed my analytical, grammatical and writing skills as I learn. Language and Linguistics is a fundamental component of my life and many others that I eagerly wish to pursue through study to degree level. I have equipped myself with a thorough and comprehensive knowledge base to parallel the needs of my employer. As my curiosities aged, they wanted to be satisfied all the more, therefore I undertook the study of basic English disciplines, this has increased my enthusiasm to develop these in greater depth. Although I am specifically interested in language within gender and sexuality, it is the understanding of evolution within this global language and which varieties have emerged due to the result of its spread that intrigues me. In particular, how it reflects and influences human behavior and society.

My passion for language and linguistics grew further following family holidays and school trips to France, Spain and, Italy for example. I became engrossed by the structure of English, how it varies across speakers, its vast development and use by speakers and users around the world. I took the decision to attend Varndean College to begin my journey into the language and linguistics world. Using a wide variety of texts, ranging from crisp packets to social media exchanges to sports commentaries, I have learned to analyze language and to understand why language and development cannot be separated from the society in which we live. I have also learned determined how the English language has changed over the last 400 years and the ways in which children acquire speech and literacy. In addition, I have produced some coursework, including my own original writing and a language investigation based on a linguistic area of my own choosing. This has accompanied both Sociology and Law in which I am currently taking a subsidiary diploma. Topics such as contract law principles, legal structuring and alternative dispute resolution have provided me with an understanding of the legal framework whilst composing articles and essays.

Through the enjoyment of persuasive writing, Law enabled me to visit the local Magistrate’s court to study how they speak, how the plaintiff and defendant rally for their clients. I also participated in a mock-law trial acting as a jury member, this allowed me to take a momentary back seat and evaluate how each case was presented. I learned how to adapt a piece of writing for a target audience in the real world whilst pressure of simultaneously studying courses that require ongoing assignments and end of year exams has enabled me to hone my planning and time management skills.

At the end of my first academic year, I also enrolled on the Extended Project Qualification course. I believed that this project will develop paramount skills necessary for University and in later life, for example, independent research and extended writing. Investigating my initial English Language and Linguistics topic deemed more complex than first imagined therefore I undertook the decision to breach out of my comfort zone. I chose to investigate the positive and negative impacts of social media on relationships. Social media is pertinent in today’s society. The vast amount of technological advancements occurring as we speak, change how we behave towards one another, thus meaning that understanding the effects of social media and harboring the knowledge that it holds, is highly significant. Alongside enhancing my referencing, project management skills and critical thinking, I was able to guide and motivate my peers which were reported to the tutor and I was acknowledged for my support. During this project I was able to enhance my ability to recall previously learned material, to be able to grasp meaning, explain, restate ideas about social media and its effects on relationships. To learn how to separate and evaluate material into component parts and show the relationships between them. Finally, to judge the worth of material against another.

I hope to study English Language and Linguistics at University and hope this will display my extensive writing and research qualities. Although social media and relationships are not what I wish to pursue at University, I deem this project to be of great importance and add a certain flair to my personal statement. It has obvious links to Sociology, but also English Language, which is two of my A-level subjects here at College. By analyzing social media and how it makes or breaks relationships will broaden my knowledge about the world I live in and assist me in becoming an informed individual. I hope to one day become an English teacher or potentially a journalist. By executing this project it will enhance my qualities of perseverance, commitment, and drive, all of which you need to be in the literary industry. I acquired written competence and accuracy; speaking and communication skills; with the ability to structure and organize arguments. It has shown I can have successfully developed my own independent research and study skills deemed paramount for university. It was only then that I unlocked my ability to successfully plan, propel and progress my own independent study. I believe that to have broad-based language knowledge, be culturally aware and able to communicate effectively, would be a huge benefit to both me and a future employer to facilitate conducting myself professionally in a linguistics environment.

My work experience within Harland’s Primary School was recognized with a Gold Award from my Secondary School. I gained experience dealing with young pupils deemed paramount for becoming a teacher and assisting them in their language journey. I was comfortable working in a hectic environment and my ability to work under pressure did not go unnoticed. This assists my dream of becoming an English teacher after specializing in English Language and Linguistics.

However, the majority of my work experience has been at Essential Sports Training Ltd. The company specializes in vocational qualifications in the UK, Europe and USA. Around academia, I relish in an assortment of hobbies including playing piano in live performances and having respectfully attained grade 1-6 and grade 1 in musical theory. I believe music to be the most universal form of communication and that it compliments studies in linguistics very well.

I realize I will only benefit from a complete university experience by my hard work and commitment and once I am there I intend to further my linguistic knowledge and enhance my employment prospects. Together with your guidance and my ambition to become a teacher, we can inspire someone else with words. I sincerely hope that you will look favorably upon my application.

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