"My Neighbor Totoro" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Attention! A review can contain only rave reviews! Those who wish to read anything negative about this cartoon will have to work hard themselves
"My Neighbor Totoro" - it is only 86 minutes of positive emotions, which takes you back to the carefree and iridescent childhood, devoid of vulgarity and malice. This cartoon exudes that same magic inherent in a good animation to calculate the causes of which seems a little possible (not, to try to put all on the shelves, you can, but ... you need it? This is the rare case when the only true reason for the popularity of works of art is that the author product - the wizard from the world of animation Hayao Miyazaki - invested in him a great part of his soul, giving warmth and good cartoon, which are so necessary in real life, but not so often found in her dare. otrev this cartoon, you will surely at some time (from 30 to an uncountable number of minutes - depends on personal cartoon band) achieve enlightenment, well, someone, maybe even nirvana
The plot of this cartoon is not complicated, but who., Totoro him take it, said that the beauty of animation (absolutely like a movie) the intricacies of the plot and unexpected finale ?! How would you react, if in the final of this cute Totoro tale would have been not good forest troll (if the I am now wrote a spoiler for you, sorry :), and versa, and even I picked up and swallowed to Mei and her older sister Satsuki? Presented? Scary? That's me too! Plot twists should be to the point, not only would be, and sometimes simple plot gives odds to two challenging. Charm film (flat score as animation) in the atmosphere. "My Neighbor Totoro" - 100% atmospheric cartoon, whose atmosphere (pardon the pun) envelops you completely immersed in the world invented by Miyazaki, it makes empathize with the heroes of history, as if they are the closest people to you. Emotions while watching the seemingly born out of nothing, but they are so strong that you occasionally catch myself on the fact that you are sitting, smiling from ear to ear (latitude smiles again at all different), when you see how mastering Totoro umbrella; like Mei, Satsuki and Totoro help bark planted seeds; as a true cat-like purring cat-bus when Mei pats him on the nose. And it becomes an extremely warm by this at heart. Having invested in their creation of the soul of Miyazaki was able to achieve in this cartoon chief - harmony: the plot, in which a lot of attention paid to the experiences of the characters (it is necessary to see how psychologically accurately displayed situational behavior of children, as well as their inner world), their contact with the fabulous world around us and the simplicity of the plot, in this case only plays into the hands of the film (it's like during meditation - is to clear the mind of all superfluous and brain-cluttered); Excellent animation where drawn all parts of nature and rural life in Japan; magic music composer Joe Hisaishi, who with the help of music and conductor's wand (a relative magic wand) revived the story, invented and drawn by Miyazaki and associates; very colorful characters - charming Satsuki, inquisitive and mischievous Mae, shy and therefore very funny Kant, caring grandmother, a little scattered, but very loving and understanding dad girls, not to mention a clawed and shaggy Totoro (three Totoro - small, bigger and quite large), and a high-speed bus-Kote
"My neighbor Totoro." - this cartoon, which is absolutely not an empty (unless you draw the emptiness in my head). But the author thought he communicates unobtrusively without requiring significant mental stress, but by a deep emotional impact on the viewer. When watching this cartoon clearly you realize how wonderful to be in harmony with nature and preserve the ability to see the wonderful magical world around, come into contact with them (or at least believe in it), be open to kindness and pure human relations, and to maintain the magic within yourself. After all of the above can only express my deep gratitude to everyone who worked on the cartoon, and especially the director. Thank you, Hayao (sorry, that appeal to "you", just for me and I think for many people around the world, regardless of their age, you are a true friend, and for the little ones and the Pope), thank you for the magic in real life, referred to as Japanese animation, great thanks!
Attention! If after watching this cartoon, you began to find acorns in your rustic cabin, if you lost an umbrella, and a few days later you find a note of apology signed by "Your Neighbor Totoro"; if you spend the night, driving on the cat-bus on the outskirts of ... Calm down! Your mind is in order! Just in your heart of this charming cartoon characters settled forever! And this is very encouraging ...

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