"My Neighbor Totoro" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Fabric fairy hides ordinary, sluggish time. A ritual or an ordinary child's play explodes ground dead, ossified world, revealing the faces being. Like diamonds, sparkle, when they are falling rays of the sun and cooling off, subside, when the space is filled with darkness. Miracle Man will not see until you realize that he -.
sun would seem that noble work - to write a fairy tale, because there is a fairy tale, if not solid, breathable pleasant eternity moment of the miraculous, that extra word can only hinder, but It has superior human strength - to return to see again, to become the sun, become a shadow. In the end, what is man, if not the whole world, and how bitterly, when he lives without being aware of it.
The labor force. Work hard storyteller. Tight Miyazaki had when he created 'Totoro', but what he saw striking. All people like to imagine, to create something - a man-made, close to the natural essences and the vagaries of personal existence; like the boy, Kant, we build airplanes, and keep them out of the sky. But not everyone will put on their shoulders the work to make childhood his life's work.
Empiricism of the historical existence puts his sketches on canvas perception and cunning philosophical mechanisms operate in the field of consciousness, and the rare thoughts turn to them your light. Miyazaki begins to explore the dream, he is fearless in a fairy tale. In Proust's time to remember the statement that you have to be brave, because the truth - even further. Miyazaki brave and courageous. It leads very distant, quite illusory, but at the same time is very tight feeling of childhood - as a little Mei, he wade through the thicket of the forest and is ... well, it's the truth or not, but everyone needs to be brave, you need to po- . truly, a child to experience the joy of discovery
Comparing 'Princess Mononoke' and 'My neighbor Totoro', it may be noted trembling dichotomy, which pierces all the work of the Japanese master - a man and nature. The separation of coarse and clumsy, and following further finds that it is not a dichotomy, and the synthesis of two fundamental ontological units, the origins of which date back to the pantheistic theories. Again, philosophical machines running without anyone's knowledge.
B 'Mononoke' and 'Totoro' acute emerges hand-made aspect, but the latter is more of a human privilege to the natural world, rather than offensive, aggressive policy (in existential terms) In the first. The family moved to a new home, settling down. Reality otherworldly cautiously creeps into the picture of what is happening in general conscious of the film; other way to believe in eccentric Totoro no. No need for a Socratic insight, to believe in the unseen, mighty forest spirit; Like Schopenhauer's will, he is here and always. This is the way of childhood - Miyazaki through the year carries the faith - no, he believes in the beyond, but this silly talk about counterpoint (the thousand), because 'Totoro' (and in all the films of Miyazaki) transcendental and empirical come in very close dialogue, there is no difference between the present and unreal. There is a world, and is illuminated by the existing entirely thanks to the creative genius of the author. It is entirely - a phenomenon
Importantly game.. This has already been conducted it. Children's game - a projection of archetypal images of the world. In fact, the ancient ritual. From this is born a fairy tale. May and Satske play, and, because of their age, the transition from the beyond of this world do not feel like there is no way through the woods or across the fields - there is no element of revelation rocking. The world of children is pure primitive, and it is difficult here to find a place where they could not have happened a miracle. But what it is - a miracle? being the fabric is not torn, not flashing sparks Nothing; No wonder in Miyazaki - is approaching, and sometimes life-giving forces of the disclosure of being and existence. These forces can be personalized (TOTORO 'Chernushki', etc.) and can be expressed in the elements of nature. So opens the dance and run: dance night and the cool wind running through the dense curtain of heavy rain; cinematic images of vivid that originate not from the desire of the author to show off a beautiful picture, and from the deep experiences of their own childhood.
World Miyazaki 'Totoro' full of warmth and light. In subsequent studies, the picture ogrubeet, but it coarsens people, because it matures. It grows the spirit, and then you have to exert much effort to accomplish the coveted leap across the abyss, reunited in being, to become a man. Become a partaker of something greater than the world itself, to achieve that at the anthropological border transgressing that you cease to fear and believe in miracles.

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