"My Neighbor Totoro" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

For many people, it is no secret that the anime (Japanese animation) came under the direct influence of cartoons Walt Disney Studios, in particular, 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs', show that in 1942 made a huge impression on the viewer. Around that time the Japanese animators began sensibly follow the canons of the Disney cartoons, ranging from pictures, ending fantasy line of work. Present condition of the rising sun cartoons should not anturazhnye remind the West that has been observed and after the Second World War, when out propaganda work like 'Momotaro - sea eagle'. The war has passed, and Japanese animation acquired their traditions, taking 'Snow White' for the base, but taking away the desire to turn cartoons into musicals and nashpigovyvat their songs. In the film 'My Neighbor Totoro' This trend can be traced illusory.
Hayao Miyazaki created this film is already being famous anime director after such films as "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds" and "Castle in the Sky ', when to his chief universally recognized masterpiece' Gone ghost Whisperer 'was 13 years old. However, already in 1988, a picture of a similar format admired his portrayal, which determined the course of development of the genre. Even despite the fact that younger anime especially not transformed and computer graphics, except, perhaps, a more detailed view of the world, 'My Neighbor Totoro' does not seem somehow vinrarnym second-hand articles lying in the archives near the movies of Akira Kurosawa and Yasujiro Ozu . He's attractive his lamp atmosphere with big-eyed people and pull is enough dynamics. And the film looks very nice, but it only created at the dawn of the genre when he was recognized as art. It looks, with no connection with the plot. And in connection with the plot turns out good, beautiful, childish fun and grown-pleasant history lasting a little less than one and a half hours.
plot touches his unpretentiousness in terms of philosophy, what is there in principle, there is no view of the focus on the children's audience. Here tells the story of his childhood as the best pore in a person's life when you do not care about adult care, and I want to just play and have fun, explore the world and marvel at new discoveries, whether it be a tree or even a great dust. Here a little Mei Kusakabe just plays herself and is exploring the world, climbing in all sorts of holes, poking his fingers into the gap at home, shakes ready is about to fall off the visor, and all for the sake of fun - what else does a five-year child? On the background of its older sister Satsuki more disciplined, responsible, and its history contains hints of an upcoming adult life as a timid boy and the difficulties of life. But here Miyazaki showed hints, and more, because the task is to demonstrate carefree time is paramount. And the appearance of Totoro in the story - it is a move which strengthens even more to follow for the sake of so-called code. No wonder it did not see the adults, and it can fit the imaginary friend. The mythical guardians of the forest, wool and soft, it is a very good friend, and in the likeness of this, which he dreamed every child. After all, with it you can do anything: and jump on the belly, and poschekokat without fear to get on the forehead and so on. In the background behavior Mae even more draws, thoughtful character seems to molecules. And since almost each and neighbor Totoro environment was almost the most memorable of all the works of Hayao Miyazaki
the atmosphere and ease of the film it seems really alive, and that regardless of culture -. It does not matter, Japan or other the country is a place of the story. Children of all children who in the wind and the smoke in the head, and can not be changed. The only thing that scares them - this is the absence of my mother, and the rest nothing. They are not afraid of anyone or anything, all perceived as friends, and epic forest king Totoro does not terrible, paternal kindness and splashes. Yes, the script does not produce virtually no ups and downs, and does not teach anything, but do not need another morality tale of good. A little confused one. It is difficult to describe the thoughts to a hint of eroticism. Let the Japanese - a bit strange people, and swim in a tub with his children grown man for them is not something shameful, on the notorious West is perceived at all as a bad temper. But okay. If so instituted, meaning to go into a stranger monastery with its charter? The problem does not dry out during the demonstration deliberately running around the child, which the skirt rides up to his underpants - it shows quite often, why not become a very nice look. Reset it indignation at the thought that 'My Neighbor Totoro' - the children's film, but children are not just rush into extremes
8.5 out of 10.

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