"My Neighbor Totoro" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Dear Aline with gratitude and warmth of Christmas
It was in December, frosty, snowy quadrille Exciting evening. Father of two children hurried home, wincing at the stinging wind, but on the road made a detour to pick up the parcel. He knew what was in it, but when the package is released from the embrace of the soft passenger, the lost words. Wailed the boy, at the same moment began arguing next to someone today arranged a pillow for the night bizarre animal handmade. We agreed to something in the end, or an older brother conceded, and select a movie for the next family session did not last long: a classic anime - an eternally young host Reserve wonders. It is to him, to the fun Neighbor Totoro curiosity led the little girl that he first climbed into a hollow tree and camphor slipped to quietly billowing belly hairy bums. Equally, he is friendly to its guests, large and small, and always share with them the warmth.
touching naivety and increased susceptibility tend to live up to the first major disappointment. One day it will come to everyone, but to try to delay the grim moment is not shameful. Probably as I judged thirty years ago Hayao Miyazaki. Good wizard animated world fatherly patience refers to the vagaries and whims. In his presentation father never ridicule daughter of stories about Totoro; better he will go with her to say "thank you" to the spirits. Uninhabited area on the outskirts, where it arrived the family, the unknown world with its own rules and conventions, but in every corner you can feel yourself caressed with care and understanding. Strange creatures like rabbits and owls longer keep quiet, but with skill the first time responding to the child's sadness. Totoro knows how to not intrude alarm time, and they can gently remind children of the first family commandment: yet they keep loved ones - will endure any hardship shoulders
Travel Night fairy tale on a playful Catbus - a real jewel in a casket Miyazaki.. What child would not have dreamed of a ride on a wool sofa, rushing to the rescue of her mother? At this moment, forgotten love-shy black, golden acorns, pond with tadpoles and unusually long rain. I recall my father's kindness, grown a tree for the night, a neighbor boy stretched umbrella and warm mother's hands. Girls do not cling to childhood, but cherish them when seeking to understand these adult writing terrible telegram. Next to the new forest companions, but the main thing - with the other sisters, they learn about the dangers of disease and how it is important to be considerate. Agree to play, cook dinner, take care of Dad's patience - simple and obvious things like, but children are more willing to heed that tells them someone fabulous. Miyazaki settled his beast close to the people, and gave him a proud isolation - a favorite subject of children's fantasy that he would not knock and ask for trust. It comes by itself - through the art of being fit, sympathetic and interesting
originality, naturalness and patience -. Three basic qualities in Totoro universe. Guardian of the forest come from the depths of the imagination is alive and well as raises a smile and respect. Inherent other animated creatures Miyazaki complicated subtexts, social criticism and problems of adult inferior to the simple meaning of the natural goodness. The artist was well aware how much more responsible for the child, this transition from the realm of fantasy to the harsh reality, where is ill, suffer and die people. And his colorful canvas, he does not hide one world, overshadowing the other. No, only invited back to the tale of strangers and travelers that have gone astray and have forgotten how to enjoy life. Why is this happening? - in the picture there is no answer to this question, but idealistic pastoral Japanese brush looks like a whole phenomenon, which can describe the bare minimum of words. After all, we were young, and not everyone found in those years a loyal friend, and Totoro comes to the rescue of entire generations, and will continue to speak further, but if someone from the children interested in the culture of the rising sun - there will be no reward to the creator honor.
Teddy urchin at this time has taken a worthy place in the child and may acquire fellow - to each of the boys got their. Welcoming guests from the Japanese fairy tale is enough for all those who believe in miracles and is ready to turn to his messenger with a sincere request. Charming lump-inspired fiction embodies the transformative power of joy. Without it, and the feast - a fool's errand. And somewhere beyond the clouds to draw magic pulsing light long tamed by the artist with a gray beard. And this knowledge is not hidden in Tomiko of Shinto, and comes home to sympathetic people. In the last days of the year, he told Totoro hope for the best, to be charged with a festive mood and found a bag of good luck dressed up under the Christmas tree. The rest - even waiting in the wings.

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