"My Name is Khan" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

This film is not about love, not about politics, not about a person's life with Asperger's syndrome, and not even the Indian Forest Gump, but mainly on the fact that all people are divided into good and bad. Religion, caste, color, descent, or that this does not matter. The film that does not need to lie, you have to be firm in their convictions to the end, honest and sincere. And all this is shown by the example of a man named Khan.
Rizvan Khan. He is ill Asperger's syndrome, but it is not retarded. Rizvan is very much aware and mature, and at the same time directly, thinks. One day he falls in love and marries a girl named Mandir. Years go by, their family is happy, but until the entire planet is not shocking news of the explosion of two twin towers. As a result, there is some bias against Muslims. Begin insults, beatings and other acts of cruelty. This is reflected in a family of Rizvan, he is a Muslim. Racists killed child Mandir, it is crushed and does not want to see her husband. Ridvan takes a touching move, he's going to go to the American president, but only to tell him a single sentence:. My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist
watching the first hour you would think that a movie about a man with the syndrome Asperger's, its openness and simplicity. No. It becomes clear immediately after the Sept. 11
Shah Rukh Khan -.. Rizwan Khan I like this Shah. He has many roles brave macho, romantic lover, but this first of its role, which forced me to applaud! In all his films, but exceptions can be counted on one hand, Shah same (no, no, just do not hurt), but here! Facial expressions, gestures, eye itself - bravo! To the fingertips Shahrukh imbued with the role of Rizvan. Especially read the visible symptoms of Asperger's syndrome - all clear. Well done, Khan! And in fact one could even call Karan Johar if you do not Shah
Kajol - Mandira A strong woman, at the time of experience to lose hope.. She lost her son. Only due to the fact that it was Khan. Grief, dropped out on its share is huge. Mandir decided to fight this hatred. Act Khan gave her to understand where the true path. Kajol as always well done.
read here about the alleged PR Obama, making money on pity for the hero, the hero and the bluntness undisclosed theme of love. How sad is that people have forgotten how to feel, think, think. Well, let America continue to feed us at his pants shorts comedies level
1 Tell me, fool.. Where PR Obama? This is the main theme of the film? What does the quality of the president, the director wanted to show us that Khan did the trick, lifted the whole country, I have changed to some extent her thinking. Obama, so to speak, just walked by. It is not necessary to think so limited.
2. Pity the main character? I it was not a drop, it is not the poor and sick people, and a strong man, faithful to his principles, the ability to fight and achieve their goals, no matter how unrealistic they are. I even do not dare to name Rizvan sick. Patients are people capable of scorn, insult, humiliate and kill people because of skin color, religion or belief. Even animals do not tend to this disgusting behavior. Each of us can learn from the protagonist.
3. Someone also wrote that the death of the child's head is not based on religious strife. To them she founded. After September 11 but before the child's death was clearly evident attitude of those guys, and the majority of pupils. The sheer hatred of the color of their skin and the surname Khan.
4. bluntness protagonist. Where, I'm sorry, you saw it? Rizvan is clearly no fool. Yes, he can not show emotion, takes everything literally, she does not like to shake hands and rarely looks people in the eye - these are the symptoms of his illness, no more. Rizwan has a very developed intellect.
5. The theme of love between Khan and Mandira and should not be disclosed, it is not about her. Want to see love - see Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Everything in life happens . There's love and there a little bit other issues affected. Love, but not between man and woman, and to each other, our neighbors, passers-by on the street, classmates, friends, colleagues, but simply to strangers in distress. And what does it matter what their skin color. If you look closely, you can see how the author little by little touches this subject at the beginning. Next, the droplets turn into a shower of emotions, forced to reconsider their views of everyone who watches this film.
6. emotional experiences Khan clearly shown through letters he writes favorite. In the beginning we see how he writes them, and then only to hear the soulful voice Khan reads the next message.
I especially liked the scene when the mother Rizvan taught him that the world is divided only into good and bad. I caught the moment with the owner of the hotel, and especially his eyes after the phrase Rizvan My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist . Also strong scene with the collection of donations for the starving in Africa, a public prayer Khan and his words: does not need a place for prayer. All you need is faith. penetration scene with hijab wife Samira, the brother of Khan.
Yes, hatred Mandir lost, and love and humanity Khan won. It was she who made the perpetrators of the murder to be punished. Khan did not speak with them, his love itself compelled them to act as they did. Khan got his way. He proved Mandir and people such a simple truth: 'Good people do good things and bad - bad. This is the only difference. There are no more differences'.
Wonderful story, great script, great actors and great execution. Music is the background, and it is also beautiful. Working professionals, their shoulders hit soundtracks of the films Taare Zameen Par, Kal Ho Naa Ho?, Never Say "Goodbye» and others. In principle, Karan Johar behind quite a decent job, but this I think is the best.
In this review I wrote a little bit and advantages of this masterpiece of world cinema . This movie must see everybody and to make certain conclusions, what the change and finally understand that people do not fall into either of religion or skin color, nor of their feelings and beliefs.
10 of 10

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