"My Name is Khan" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Brother! Let's hug! But first, me and my forty elephants will dance! ' Approximately the association floated through my mind at the mention of Indian cinema.
So, 'My Name Is Khan'. My attitude to this film was pre-biased. First, Indian cinema. It was expected that after the first song, and the point in the forehead, I completely disappointed in the fact that Bollywood is more than a surprise. Secondly, judging by the reviews, the picture - ostrosotsialnye. These films are often a burden to the average viewer. Yes, they raise serious topics that people just can not help but respond, but depressing in the extreme. Third, looking back at the American audience (and the film takes place in the United States) is also confused? Is for the whole story only golimy calculation on the generous western cashier
With such a heap of prejudices and began the 'Khan' view is not hidden. During my skepticism crumbled into dust
It is touching, in the Indian pathetic and sometimes naive, but still serious movie again proclaims a simple truth. There is good and bad faith, there are good and bad people. Indians once again proved that a semitone is not for them. In the film, there are characteristic anguish, emotional intensity and boiling passions. But this is what makes the picture so soulful and & nbsp; surprisingly light, despite the fact that religious strife -. a tough topic
The film tells about the life of an autistic Khan, who moved from India to America. Khan - a Muslim, he performs prayers, honors the Koran and always prays aloud. This is an unusually good man, though a weirdo. Khan was a child has decided to himself that he is kind, and therefore considers svom duty to help people. After the September 11 tragedy in the United States begin a massive persecution of Muslims, Khan lost family, became a pariah in American society, like most of his brothers in religion. Khan is confident that he can make a difference, it needs to meet with the president and tell him: 'Mr. President, my name is Khan, I - a Muslim and I - not a terrorist. " Thus begins an extraordinary journey Khan in the country, the ultimate goal of which is insane and dangerous in his position -. A private conversation with President
Of course, to make the face of the Muslim world, accesses to the American nation, naive, blissful, and on and leave no doubt innocence man & nbsp; - maybe not quite honest and the easiest way to convince the audience that Islam does not bear evil. But, on the other hand, it is -. The most effective
Although easy this role for Shah Rukh Khan's certainly not name. The actor did indeed hell of a job, which is only characteristic of 'rolling eyes' a person with Asperger's syndrome, which he constantly had to portray. Forgive the bluntness, but you can okoset after the first day of shooting! Uncoordinated movements, flail autistic gait - even physically actor had a very hard time. But part of the emotion of the game it was a great indulgence, people with this disease can not express feelings, and therefore face Khan throughout the film remains impervious
Therefore, the entire responsibility for the emotional component of the film is completely laid on the shoulders of the actors of the second plan. . It is impossible not to note Kajol, who plays Mandir. I have always been struck by the extraordinary ability of Indian actresses to play with his eyes. Unbelievable how they do it. And Kajol hazel eyes riveted to her every time she Povljana on the screen.
But back to the film. Khan is not only trying to convey to all the people just seemed to think that the bad religions do not exist, but their actions show that peaceful and friendly coexistence of different faiths - naturally and rightly so, because 'God - this is love, not war' . His wife and son - Hindus, brother - a Muslim's best friend - Christians. In the most tragic moment of life Khan finds refuge in the family of Baptists from Big mom, suspiciously similar, by the way, the singer Big Mama Tornton, blues style which is based on religious hymns Negro - spirituals. And Khan sings these spiritual hymns in the Protestant church, along with other Catholics goes to the funeral of the deceased friend. For him there are no boundaries and conventions between different churches. Khan sincerely believe that God, on the contrary, brings together people of different faiths that only joint efforts can confront the global terrorist evil.
I pretty deep that director Karan Dzhorahu managed to create enough slozhnosochinennoe product, which in addition to religious differences, affecting the global problems of international military conflicts, terrorist propaganda of Islamic fundamentalists and inaction of the authorities
only arguable point in the picture -. the same conversation with the president of Khan. On the one hand, the film has a mute reproach in the direction of the previous presidential administration of George W. Bush and specifically ml., Who turned a blind eye to the incitement of religious hatred in society and unleashed a war in Iraq. Therefore, it is quite symbolic that President Bush has managed to Khan. On the other hand, President Obama in the picture stands out from its predecessor. I would not want to suspect in this situation before another rassharkivanie new American top. Most likely, the final in a humane and sensible gesture of US President filmmakers expressed their hope for reconciliation between the Muslim world and the West. Of course, naive, even too much, but from what and convincing:. Muslims - ordinary people and they want peace
In the film, there is no compulsion old Indian paintings with their endless dance, but there is a remarkable ethnic music, which in the most tragic moments (and such in the film enough) makes sadness light. Maybe more so, in spite of all the drama, the film plunges into a depression, and fills with hope
will try three adjectives to describe this movie:. 1. 2. useful 3. dramatic penetration. In accordance with this and recommend to view:
1. For those who have children. The film will work for you exactly, will not reveal why. But, more importantly, that it is possible to gather information on how to properly raise a child's ethnic and religious tolerance, and the consequences of descent that moment on the brakes.
2. Those who suspiciously looks at women in hijabs, people shy away from the eastern appearance and & nbsp; who has the word 'Islam' is associations such as, for example, al-Qaeda ',' terrorism ',' war ', etc.
3. All those people who believe that love can be stronger than hatred.
9 out of 10

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