"My Name is Khan" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

How do we assess the other person? We are all different, and it was initially difficult to our communication. In addition, people create their own obstacles: we are overcome innumerable fears, prejudices imposed by the installation. We live in a world dominated by hatred, rivalry, vanity. Death is constantly somewhere nearby. The man is vulnerable and fragile. Relationships are fragile.
What can unite people? Unfortunately, in recent years a lot of reasons for the joint affliction (terrorist attacks, disasters, wars). It is easy to offend and the whole crowd to hurt (even children are cruel). Enthusiastically welcome any well-known person. Much less often we meet at family gatherings, to share the joy
But the most difficult thing in the daily whirlwind of cares and in the pursuit of material happiness to hear the other, to understand it, and most importantly -. Taken. It is hard to open your heart, it is difficult to express their feelings, it is difficult to put into words my feelings. We do not dare to admit in their lives the other world, the world of the Other. We are in such a hurry to catch everything, but each time is late with the most important - an expression of love. We do not have time for this!
We know a lot of unnecessary things, and himself, his neighbor did not know. What can we say about the "distant»!
How does the world still exist? God in his mercy for us sinners, sending angels: the poor, the foolish, the sick, the infirm, the sufferers that we, healthy and successful, able to close to them to clear his stale heart from the defilement of selfishness, jealousy, anger, greed, lend a hand help take care of them, share with them the abundant gifts, to learn to love and acceptance of others. But we PARTIES them, laugh at them, persecuted them, even kill.
God is Love. We are all His children, are called to learn to love the Heavenly Father through the acceptance of the other. And then it becomes clear leitmotif of the film: "There are good and bad people" - there are no other differences. "The Most High judge people not by skin color and faith, but by their deeds," so important deeds, not words. The main character of few words, but attentive to the internal state of others, is sympathetic to the pain of others, without thinking tends to help, says the beauty of the world. Always keeps his word
The film shows our negligence in terms of thoughts, "Go, kill time," "Bye, love my eyes, until his death," "God, I want death";. schools implanted destructive installation, lead to racism among children; TV screens pouring negative endless stream; free interpretation of the words of the scriptures leads to a distortion of meaning - in the words of falsehood clothed terrible calls for the fight against "infidels»
Subject misunderstanding pass-through in the film.. The protagonist has repeatedly said that he does not understand a lot of things: "Why do people say one thing and think another?"; "He died because he was a Muslim, but it's not bad"; "I do not understand your words. You are not in themselves "; "The more I try to understand the world, the less I understand." We do not understand the suffering of "other" people who find it difficult to exist in a world where very noisy and alarming of yellow. It is impossible to understand why even the closest people suddenly begin to hate, why neighbors turn away or commit hideous deeds, why hysteria lends itself to the whole country.
To understand the complex contradictions of human existence in this world, we, along with the hero go on a journey. In this way we will meet the representatives of different nationalities, different religious traditions, different age, different social classes ...
key in the film is the image of a mother and son. Mother of the main character was able to nourish his love, kindness, opened the joy of communication with God. Whence a younger son, envy, rivalry, intransigence? It is significant that he was going to America - a country of material possibilities. What is the glory in the younger brother? Earthly treasures: a successful career (man distributes cosmetic products!), Home (mortgage?), Large car (on credit?). But he never learned to notice the kindness of his older brother, respect his choice, compassionate attitude to his illness
We see three mothers who lost their sons. One - a victim of political games, the other - was martyred by human hatred, the third - hurt by the disaster. Any death - is an irreparable loss, a gaping void in the body of humanity. It is impossible to come to terms with this: "Now my life is no love. Love will weaken me. Hatred gives me strength. I have to fight. I can not be the wife of Khan right now. I'm just a mother. My son was killed. " What terrible words, contrary to the very nature of women
The film shows the process of germination of the weeds of anger in the child's soul, which will lead to a tragedy: yesterday's friend will become an accomplice in the murder. Then it will be painful to go to realize their wrongdoing and repentance.
God accepts every repentant sinner. But people believe in their own way: by "Mom will never forgive me" to "Islam will not forgive you." What a chasm between us, human beings, and God! Modern man tends to self-destruction (subject to various dependencies); easy to tear the family, friendships; their activity provokes natural disasters; greed, pride, struggle for power and resources to incite war. Oh, crazy man! An important difference between the hero is that he's trying to fix it. He succeeds. ! Besides people
Indeed, the profound thought: the main work of the life of any of us - it is the cultivation of the garden of my soul (weeding weeds passions, nurturing virtues). Moreover, everyday, without breaks and holidays. And give an impetus to this work are intended to parents and teachers. With luck, if there is a person meeting with the chief mentor and he shall cleave to Him, will cry when scared when sad, when you want to thank.
What gives strength to the hero to go through all of life's adversities? Prayer: "When I am afraid, I bow and pray." Love: "I can millions of times on thousands of pages of write: I love you ..." Humanity, "You saved my son." The efforts of the hero "raised humanity in the eyes of the Lord»
It is time we all finally realize that every person - is an immortal soul, called by God to this world for a purpose.; we all - one family living in the common house on the planet Earth; we become family to each other when our heart speaks to others' joy and pain; when a strange woman can say to you: "God bless you, son"; when a strange boy says the man as the son, because they were able to become friends.
Hatred and anger alienates people from each other ( "He died because of you, because of your name"), love and humanity may again connect ( "since we love each other, what difference does that ..."). Probably productive to seek common ground and respect the differences. We all need each other. Sing along with the characters: "We are all overcome. In the world there are no barriers for us. By the end, we will come in its own time. »
Take you and your journey, make their discoveries, seeing the deep, wise film.
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