My Motivation To Pursue A B.S. In Digital Film Essay

My future is positively influencing others, paved the direction of my life. In my opinion, film is the best path I have to a person’s mind and heart. My end goal is to work somewhere which wishes to change people’s lives in the same manner I aim to. I wish to put forth the best work I can produce. There is still plenty I need to learn and skills I can improve upon. A college education will be extremely beneficial in developing my skillset. Every film and video should be compiled of at least 51% emotion. As my skillset improves I will be able to reach an emotional state in my videos which will truly touch my viewers. I want to make people aware of social, health and many other issues, in a way which is entertaining and eventful.

My future is approaching, and I still have much to learn and figure out; I will need to know what college entails and how I will handle life after college, but I do know where I am going and what I wish to study. As I continue through life, there are many things I will learn, but there are already some things I have set in stone. I am for certain going to Dixie State University in St. George Utah. In January of 2016, I was offered a full tuition scholarship to play Softball at DSU. Unfortunately, I cannot receive any additional money from DSU to cover room and board and books. If I acquire any academic scholarship, it will reduce my athletic scholarship. I therefore need to find scholarships, external from the school, to help pay for my room and board and books. Regardless, the tuition coverage is not the core reason behind why I committed to Dixie. I committed also because “Dixie is located in arguably one of the most picturesque settings in the world,” (“About Dixie”).

The campus and surrounding areas are beautiful, and I can see myself living there for an extended period. Dixie also has very small class sizes with an average of 30 students per one teacher. I appreciate the smaller class sizes for the hands-on learning. Knowing some about college and what I want to get out of it is going to make my transition to college slightly easier. Come August 2019, I will be attending Dixie State University and begin my college education. I hope to graduate from DSU with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Film.

In order to obtain my B.S, I need to complete a total of 120 credits over my four years (“General Education”). Most of the classes I take in my first two years, will be general education classes. General education classes include areas of study such as: Math, English, Social sciences, Physical sciences and Humanities. I must complete minimum of 29 credits in general education (“General Education”). During high school I have taken many concurrent credit class all of which should transfer to Dixie. I will therefore have 14 credits already completed. Since I am planning to obtain my B.S. in digital media, I must also obtain “three through 16 credits in a single foreign language,” (“Bachelor of Science”). I plan on pursuing the Spanish language. I have prior experience with Spanish classes from high school courses. My resume would benefit from a background in the Spanish language. I also believe having some background in speaking Spanish would be beneficial because I feel as if I have ground myself struggling to communicate with Spanish speakers more than any other language.

As I move on to my third and fourth year of college my classes will become more oriented around my Degree. In my third year, I am required to get an internship (Bachelor of Science). With this internship, I will be integrated into a professional environment. I will begin to experience the work force and get a glimpse of what my future will look like and hopefully become more prepared. In my fourth year, I will jump into more personal production. In these courses, I will be able to have the creative freedom to make the films I want to make. I will also have more access to sets and equipment. College will get me prepared for my future in the workforce. I wish to obtain a minor in a beneficial subject in addition to my B.S. in Digital film. It would make sense to get a minor in Media Studies. Yet, it is stated “Students may not declare a minor that is in the same discipline as their major,” (“Minor in Media Studies”). There are many fields I could get my minor in, so I am forced to think about how I would implement the use of my minor. I know, through film I can make people aware of the topics I want them to be aware of. I am extremely interested in the criminally insane and the ‘why’ behind the things they do. I would love to make films about the criminally insane. People do things and sometimes they do not know why and if I could explore that concept in my films I believe I could bring people inside of the human mind and the complexity of things we do not understand. I want to learn more about the subject, so I can bring people to the true depth of the mind. If I had a minor in Criminology I would be able to create films with a true understanding of the Criminally insane.

After completing college, I still have a majority of my life to fill with a career. Directly out of college, I would like to take a year to work in Idaho to save up money. I would eventually like to move to California. California has a plenty of opportunity for me, especially as college educated film student. My goal is to land at job a Fullscreen. Full Screen is “the global leader in social entertainment (“Create Differently”). With Fullscreen, I hope to build up a solid base for my career. I would be surrounding myself with other creators and influencers which would provide me with many different networking opportunities. Fullscreen also is a “subsidiary of AT&T’s Warner Media,” (“Create Differently”). Warner Media one of the largest media companies with some of its divisions being: HBO, CBS, TNT, and DC (“Company”). Just by working at Fullscreen there is a possibility I can move to a larger media outlet or network.

With Fullscreen I can build a strong platform. I would eventually like to break off from Fullscreen and become an independent producer, making my own content. I would be my own boss which is where I want to end up. Life is a long journey and there is no way I can tell where exactly life will take me regardless of how much planning I do. It does lift weight off my shoulders knowing where I am going to school, but I cannot tell how I will handle the educational aspect of school. I know some of what to expect from my classes, but I do not know how well I will learn with each individual teacher or how I will handle each assignment.

I know I want to pursue a B.S. in Digital Film but, there is always a possibility I could change my degree. If I changed my degree, I would then reconsider my minor and change it to something more beneficial to my degree. As my life progress, I will have to make many changes, some which include my overall life goals. I can research and plan as much as II would like, but there is no website with my life’s timeline on it. I know I want to influence people’s lives. Even if I change my career path I know I will not change my mindset about helping and influencing others.

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