My mother is a form lady. This woman is very good at the woman behavior. Everyone in the household likes the girl. She has numerous characteristics of head and heart. She is extremely educated and intelligent. She is really hard-working, type, caring and loving. Her love for people has no limitations

She is a housewife and ever busy. She gets up earlier than other people and goes to bed and finally. She cooks meals, washes our garments, manages our every need and convenience. She enjoys serving us. Sometimes, personally i think sorry on her which help the girl inside her work in my very own modest way.

Her love and care are outstanding supply of inspiration. They help me keeping in mind good health and being cheerful. It is because of her that I am so good at studies. If I have always been sick she would keep no rock unturned to take care of me till I have well and healthy.

She makes many delicious meals for us. We can remember the woman services and sacrifices. She is excellent, wonderful, loving and type. Nothing is so great as my mom. It has been rightly stated that Jesus cannot be every where and so, he made moms.

Nobody can ever repay the kindness of their mother. She is 1st teacher or ‘guru’ of son or daughter. Behind every great deed of a person, there clearly was a mother.

There would have been no Gandhi, no Bhagat Singh, no Shivaji, no Rana Pratap, no Lincoln and no Buddha if there were no mothers

If my mother falls sick, there is certainly disorder in the home. Everybody is sick comfortable. It's like a tragedy for people. We constantly pray on her health and delight. My mom is actually a jewel and I love my mother.

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