My life with my dog sula Essay

Sula was a black and white Westie cross. We rescued her from being tied up to a pole eating peat. When I saw her being treated like that I was devastated. So we decided to take her home. When we arrived home I felt like giving her a bath as it looked she hadn’t been washed in years she was very dirty She looked like she enjoyed the bath which put a smile on my face.

Not long after we took her out and gave her food and water, she ate it all up. I said my family that Sula should meet my other dog Sparky and 11 year old Yorkie. They thought it was a brilliant idea since they were both little dogs.

Sparky came running through, quick as lightning and started to sniff and kiss Sula. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen. It was like they had an automatic connection. It really surprised me that they got along so well.

Suddenly a couple months later, sparky would follow Sula everywhere she went as if he knew something was wrong. He would also try helping her by nudging her towards the door when it was toilet time. My family and I didn’t think anything of it but her stomach started to grow and it made her look pregnant. Weird and strange things started to happen like wherever she sat there was always blood. My mum was very concerned and took her to the vets; they also got very concerned and started to do different checks and scans to determine the problem. They said they would like to keep her in overnight because they found a lump in her womb and the vets explained it looked like cancer and wanted to operate.

The Next day around 10:00am the house phone rang. It was the lady from New Deer Vets phoning to say Sula would need to be transferred to Old Meldrum, and would need an operation as soon as possible because they found cancer inside her womb and her womb would need to be removed. We had no idea if Sula would wake up after surgery we were all panicking hoping for the best. 3 years after her operation everything was fine it went really good she looked so happy she was acting normal like nothing was wrong she was the happiest dog in the world.

A couple weeks later on May the 10th, A Friday Night, my Dad was sitting with Sula rubbing her stomach because she loved that type of thing. When my Dad was stroking her near her front leg she started to growl like she was in pain. It was very strange, so my mum came over to have a look and felt her tummy to see if anything was there and there was. The lumps she had a few years ago came back. We left it for a couple of days just to see if it would grow or go away and in those two days she could hardly walk because of the lumps. You could see it in her face, she was hurting and we didn’t like it the lumps kept growing.

My Mum decided we should take her to New Deer Vet and see what they say. They said that she was in a lot of pain but they could give her tablets to stop the pain so she could have a good night’s sleep or put her down so she didn’t have to deal with the pain anymore. My dad thought putting her down would be the best option even though it killed me inside to let her go.

About 25 minutes later, My Mum and My Dad arrived home with Sula in towels. When I saw her I just sobbed my heart out.

The 3 of us went outside. We took shovels and buried her. It was honestly the hardest thing to watch because I loved her so much and my family did to.

Over the next few days, my other dog Sparky wasn’t settling at all. He cried a lot and needed lots of attention but the one thing that stood out to me and my Mum is that he wasn’t eating so I can imagine Sula passing away had a massive impact on sparky to.

Dogs to me are a good pet to have because when you’re upset or down they sense it and cuddle up to you to make sure everything is alright. They are very adorable too. I

The one thing I absolutely adore about dogs is they are very protective over their owners and wouldn’t let anything happen to them. I miss coming home after school and seeing Sula’s face and getting cuddles. It’s truly heart breaking she left us. She was an amazing dog, I love her so much and not a day goes by that I don’t think of her.

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