My Goals To Become A Pathologist Assistant. Essay

Visiting the Los Angeles Coroner’s office helped me find my future career in becoming a Pathologist Assistant. Volunteering and talking to different Pathologists has helped me set goals.

Setting goals for my future career have helped me gaining knowledge and preparation. My visit to the Los Angeles Coroner’s office was breakthrough for my goal setting in becoming a Pathologist Assistant. I visited the Los Angeles Coroner’s to gain insight and information about a career as a Pathologist Assistant. From what I observed, and from listening to the Pathologist speak about their position, the career as a Pathologist is highly hands on and time consuming as there is always something to research and take samples on. This interests me the most because I’m a hand-on learner and enjoy work that can take up my time. Therefore, I was able to set goals for a future career as a Pathologist Assistant. Goal setting has allowed me to become well prepared and knowledgeable. I was able to gain insight on daily activities and expectations Pathologist Assistants hold.

My experience at the Los Angeles Coroner’s office was mind blowing for me and extremely informative. The importance of setting a goal is giving your dreams a destination to focus on. Without this direction, it’s like shooting an arrow randomly in the sky. Therefore, I have set my personal career goal to become a Pathologist Assistant. Furthermore, this gives me the ability to focus on my academic career and daily activities which will help build the foundation and way to reach my goal. Every action I take will be focused on achieving my goal. Therefore, by defining my objectives this sets mental limits. When you have a specific end point at the top of the priority list you consequently avoid certain diversions and remain centered towards the objective. This procedure happens consequently and unpretentiously yet as per inquire about happens.

Regardless of who you meet or what you see your objective enables you to remain secured. You intuitively avoid diversions and your attention stays just on the objective. Another importance of goal setting is defining objectives of your goal inspires and motivates me to succeed from my constant reminder of the goal I’ve decided on. Therefore, stimulating me from the motivation and perseverance that entails in reaching my academic and career goal to become a Pathologist Assistant.

Moreover, the establishment of encouragement or impulse is inclined by the ambitions you have established for yourself. Objective setting provides reassurance and confidence while you establish your goals. By setting a goal you give yourself a concrete endpoint to follow through with and get enthused for. It gives you something to center your concentration around and put 100% of your application into and this epicenter is the thing that creates inspiration. Goals are ultimately apparatuses to facilitate your vitality in positive ways, these can be transformed as your requirements adjust, new ones incorporated, and others released. It’s important to set a goal to continue motivation and perseverance in achieving it. Additionally, it’s ok to change parts of the goal or its entirety to adapt to the certain circumstances you are in. however, it’s required to maintain and keep true to the goal you have.

Finally, it may be concluded that my focused career goal of becoming Pathologist Assistant has allowed me to take up opportunities building up to my goals. Therefore, visiting the Los Angeles Coroner’s office, volunteering, and talking to different Pathologists was the taken opportunities which have laid the foundation of reaching my goal. Next, the school I choose and the classes I take will take me to my goal even further than before. The end result will be me working hard as a Pathologist Assistant in the space the vision. Anything is possible and will be possible from goal setting!

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