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In accordance with my dictionary, Fear is a distressing emotion brought on by the fact that somebody or something is dangerous, likely to distress, or a risk. When the term «fear» concerns my head, I think of an emotion that is caused by a poor situation. There are many things these days that place fear in me. My best worries are computer viruses, thugs, unwell people, and clowns. Each one of these fears make me personally extremely scared and provide me goosebumps. Computer viruses physically and mentally make me scared. To begin with, there are various kinds of computer viruses which include spyware, malware, trojan, etc. If you find various sorts of something that we fear, then that makes it doubly worse. They entirely dominate and that can damage…show more content…

When I got a pc virus, I freaked down by slapping my computer and praying. Sick people are the absolute most disgusting of my worries. Whenever individuals arrive at school when they're unwell it scares and annoys me plenty simply because they have the potential to infect everybody inside school. Whenever you were sick they're usually uglier than they are definitely, and unsightly people scare me in general. Ill people frequently have a tendency to hold off people a lot more than they often do because they don't take a liking to the fact that they are contagious with no one would like to be around them, consequently they cling more. Ill individuals are a lot like mini computer viruses, they're going around and infect people just like viruses do. Once I am around a sick individual i hide my face with my hand and run away. Another huge concern with mine are thugs. Thugs are so frightening it's unbelievable. In hallways of E.C. Glass, thugs would be the individuals who have baggy clothes and plenty of «bling» which usually means they sold drugs to have it. Thugs are incredibly violent, I do not also need to get near them. They truly are also very territorial. I stepped on a thug's Jordan shoes one time, and I also prayed that I would personallyn't get shot. When I took D.A.R.E. in primary college, I was taught that thugs are a lot more violent than gangsters. I would personallyn't want to be near a gangster let alone a thug. Like computer viruses, thugs may take lots of money from individuals.

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