My family and environment growing up and how they shaped me Essay

Serges Ayuk Mr Cervanka Period 2 03/ 29/ 2018 My Family and Environment Growing Up and How they Shaped me My childhood experience is a very complicated and way different from other kids. I was born in the United State but move with my mom to France and made my way back to the U.S. when I was 7 years old because my parents did not want to be together. I spent my whole childhood with my mom and step dad and they were all to me. They taught me a lot of things like how to trust God, be a kind, sharing and friendly person. I grew up under their values and viewpoints which were very straightforward. Well the me from 5 years ago is way too different from the me today. Different in terms of positive to negative. My passion for school and sports appeared in my early 7 to 8 years old when I was back to the U.S. In third grade as many talented children I was bored listening other children stuttering every syllable at school. In my elementary school period, my mom made sure I had always got the missed material after noticing I was a quick learner. The teachers loved me and praised my hard work. When I went to the Middle school, we had different classes and teachers for every subject. My mom taught me that school was the only easy way out ever, so I gave it my best. My teachers noticed my hard work and started evaluating me here and there. I was always counted among the students who were chosen for academic competitions and to represent the school.. My strong point were mostly math and science. I started participating in after school activities and studied a lot. I started to work on my skill and abilities. Beside lessons and attending tutors I joined sports groups. I was a gifted athlete who tried many sports and strived to give my best. My first sport performance was in my first middle school year.. In my my first game my role was minor but important. My basketball group help me get rid of my shy habits and helped me build confidence. I trained all day long and improved my running skills. My mom and stepdad appreciated my efforts and were concerned about my health the fact that I over worked. So they tried surprising me and saved up so we could have a trip to Dubai during summer vacation. I t was more than a dream come true but also became one of the thing achieved being young. I was overwhelmed by emotions because I know how hard they had to work to do this . I bought an arabic book and started learning how to pronounce their basic phrases. The trip was great, we lived in a hotel, visited attraction parks, sailed in a yacht, visited exhibitions.I had the best months of my life so far. The beginning of my second year in middle school I was ready to gain more knowledge and enrolled in maths and science courses. I passed most of my test easily but school was not the only that shaped me. I did not live with nor knew my dad growing up. I sometimes heard about him and his child support payment to my mom but did not have idea of what is feel like living with him. He was rather a very successful man but had nothing to with his first son. Having this in my conscience affected me a lot in my 3rd year in middle school. My performances became low and I became very troublesome. He finally decide to walk into my life when I was 14. We do not have the best relationship but am trying to get my life together. Reflecting on my experience I learned that hardship and lacke make us all innovators of sorts. Now I understand that you need to follow that path that lead you on the right side of life and forget about that that one that is just going to hold you back.

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