"My Fair Lady (1964)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Classic and this really says it all ... a film that should be seen to everyone! He airy and beautiful, it is as gentle and romantic as roses, presented in the credits, is preceded by a magical effect ...
I love good old movies of Hollywood, what to say, I love sincerity and excellent the acting, which you can see them ... I love these films, which have been an art in its purest form, the art, the primary purpose of which was to collect large cash, the purpose of which was to change the world for the better and give people faith in the dream, it was real smart movie, on which to reflect nice cat ond nice to revise that to make nice to the collection ...
story about a poor girl selling violets on one of the squares of London, just amazing. Once she was able to transform itself from a 'tattered cat ' in a charming lady with impeccable manners under the guidance of an intelligent professor, you automatically start to think about how it is important to have a mentor of life, the one who will be able to proper stage of your life, send you in the right direction, to open the road to a better world, to give, so to speak, a start in life, a mentor who will believe in you until the last, which is sure to bring his case to the end.
soul is illuminated with light and heat at the mome so, when you watch how people can change, how beautiful can become, with the right teacher. Reception of the Queen, the highest praise of secular society and the love of a pretty, young and the rich young man ... it all got Eliza after weeks of work over itself, over its own internal, and external world .. it would seem that it has moved at the very beginning, what she wanted to be a florist in one of the shops of London, it does not seem an accomplishment, and even more than that, such a position boundless small for such a lovely lady, she certainly deserves better already ... and for some reason there are no chromosomal s that this very 'best' it will do in the future!
Well, of course, what would it be the movie 'Golden Age' of Hollywood, if there will not be disclosed to a good love theme! So naive, so sincere, so awkward and gradually nahlynyvayut feelings professor to his 'little' Lady, it all unwittingly brings a smile! It would seem that a man who considered himself an inveterate bachelor, and who despised all those who marry, he was caught in a trap ... love - an inevitability, as if to tell us J. Kryukor with his magical film!
Well I can not say a few words about the actors ... they're just adorable, they believe, believe every word, look, a gesture, an excellent composition! We would like to mention the incomparable Audrey Hepburn - it is simply flawless, incredibly sweet and spontaneous. Also of respect for the work Rex Harrison , 'Oscar' was not accidental. He played so that you begin to unconditionally believe that if you come to the conference on the dialect, the people of this type come to the podium and begins to report its report.
Do not forget that it's a musical, so, you can be fully confident that you will find almost 3 hours of incomparable, air music that comes straight from the heart, reflecting the truth of the modern world.
What else to say? Of course we are able to see and perfect director's work, the artists work on the costumes, the work of operators ... the film can only praise praise and praise, nothing more is left!
Friends, definitely recommend seeing this all all all film, and do not be afraid great timing! This, though at first vzlyad seeming fairy story, says one thing: the need to believe, to work and strive for their dreams, because it turned the same girl from the streets of London to become a charming 'Princess' turn and each of us has to achieve its goal
of course,
10 of 10
if the estimates are generally relevant
... Thank you for the picture!

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