"My Fair Lady (1964)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

It is difficult to write a review for this movie. Yes, once Sherlock Holmes, Irene Adler called this woman, and I'm not referring to the head of a more appropriate title, a combination of words, definitions, call picture 'My Fair Lady' this film. I sincerely admire him, he worked as successfully captured the spirit of the era, the characters, conflicts and surprising interpretations of certain events. I sincerely admire him what I want and you, the readers, have taken to read my review. I do not want to say that this film was made by George Cukor based on the play by Bernard Shaw 'Pygmalion' and based on a script Broadway musical, which has a huge success not only in New York, but all over the world. For eight years, he did not go to the Broadway stage, eight years, Rex Harrison, Julie Andrews, Robert Coote and Stanley Holloway delighted the audience with his play. Because I do not want to talk about: the film of George Cukor. This film is all of them, and the actors, and writer, and composer, and artist and all-all-all.
I know it may seem that in my review a lot of pathos, well excuse me for this oversight, but I have already said, this film is very difficult, at least to me, to write a review. I have the power to tell you the story how good this film and how brilliant Audrey Hopborn, but even if I tell you all this, sign in detail all the hardships ... No, that's not it. I still can not tell you and 99% percent of what begins to happen in my mind as soon as I start to remember "my beautiful lady." The first time I saw her as recently as a year ago in English class; Then, my teacher decided that would be great show us the film. And she was right as never before
I know -. I say boring and too pathetic. Just for Now suddenly it is important that you understand how deeply I was filled with this film, how did he and incomparable flavor. It is easy to say: 'It is a masterpiece, this film is incomparable, and I put it all ten out of ten. " Indeed, it is easy, there is a simple word. But sometimes, words are very important to others, and if I can you really convince the veracity of my words, 'peerless' and 'masterpiece' will gain much more weight in your eyes, and then I can breathe freely and with a pure heart to write coursework.
So we gradually move on to the top of the action, to the words that are important, especially when you pronounce them correctly. The essence of the film is not this, not that you need to speak properly, because the only way to get to the 'highest light' of the gods, of course not! And not even a romantic story associated poor flower girl, and well-read gentleman professor. Everyone, in fact, see in this film is something his and then everything depends on the spectator: he can try to see the love story (to admit, at first, and I did not immediately see, but I assure you it is!) And stop there. However, another viewer, with more inquisitive (I do not say 'stupid' - inquiring) minds, reviewing film, can see that the play which returns' higher 'society called' Faust ', as Alfred P. Doolittle -' the most original moralist England ', from which' Wales and rushing '- carried into the church as' bought' a dead man. It's classic, but the classics are not decrepit old lady with wrinkles and warts, but it is a young and lively fair lady.
I think I have tired, so turn to heroes. When Rex Harrison was awarded the Oscar for Best Actor, he thanked "the two lovely ladies" - Julie Andrews (which received an Oscar for Best Actress in the movie "Mary Poppins") and Audrey Hopborn, presents a gold statuette to Harrison. It is known that she has always wanted to play this role and it is clear! - as it can be clearly seen, as well as on Livanov, when he played Holmes. Eliza turned two different, not very similar to each other (Julie Andrews soon 'Bernardo shouvskaya Elise'), and yet, both of them were really beautiful. Audrey Hopborn always nice to see on the screen, but in this film, I think, the audience finally realized the truth and how it plays a great extent it is good, because the viewer is helping effect 'rebirth' Odri- flower girl Audrey lady.
About Rex Harrison songs individually. If anyone could play Professor Henry Higgins, it really only he is Livanov - Holmes - it has not beat, because everything is played. Harrison, by his interviews, opinions, etc. (Although I can know about his views, and so on!) Incidentally supporter of the theater, like Victor Gvozditskikh. And the spirit of the theater, which differs from the spirit of the movie, there is no doubt in his game throughout the film. Maybe it was easier to play a familiar role, I do not know; I only know that when I watch 'My lovely lady' I remember that Eliza - is still Audrey, but what Higgins - a Harrison - I can not. Though he had a devil of Wimpole Street and endlessly repeats its vowels into gramophone records, though at first he though sharply resonating in the society of his' class', 'level' (remember the jumps in Askotte as he stumbles on umbrellas present ' mechanism 'high society, and how strange it looks Mrs Aynsford Hill when Higgins, thinking of' rain in Spain 'starts to click his heels like castanets), nevertheless refers to Eliza as a professor to the illiterate florist still remains my favorite character of the story. In fact, Elisa is very lucky, and that the chocolate was real, and that demanded Doolittle five pounds
Talking about the songs of this movie is stupid - how can you say about ?! songs. -because I neither of them said a word before. You know what they do know, right? For that I am so in love with this film the most, so it is for the diligence with which he had made, create, create 'my beautiful lady!' Not only Higgins Eliza straightened it, but all have contributed to the creation of a living Galatea. And let Pygmalion was a bit rude and not restrained with respect to the future statue, but ... Have you ever tried to carve the stone with a handkerchief? .. The highest score, and thank you Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe for the amazing song and to hope, you have done in this film, never controversial play by George Bernard Shaw! Thank you ... thank you to all of you (!).
10 of 10
(of the gods as ridiculous as it sounds!).

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