"My Fair Lady (1964)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The film, which is told almost all of the film, showing the British aristocracy, the good-natured colonels, princes and beggars, as well as street sellers of flowers, caustic tongue. Typical time London streets of King Edward VII, wherein each person somewhere in a hurry, lost in his thoughts. For a moment the infinite vanity can dramatically interrupted, and a motion picture at a leisurely pace will show the story, seemingly as old as the world itself, but is still relevant to this day. The history of the transformation, a story about love, emotions, falling to the music of Andre Previn. World of George Cukor's great, overwhelmed and more like a perfectly delivered a theatrical performance, which in turn is filled with a surprisingly pleasant melodies, they are easy to remember, it is not difficult to sing, and for viewing the rhythm incites us to stomp his foot. Yes, the primitive history, but at the same time is so great that we disable the "Geiger counter" of our inner critic. Let's fast forward to the beginning of the story, let it be an introduction for those viewers who have not seen "My Fair Lady", but went on ... we
... Streets of London
chocolate, melting in the mouth gorgeous chocolate, probably all that Miss Doolittle is now just dreaming about it, perhaps at times interrupted by dreams of chocolate paintings with a handsome prince, and then again on the candy, and can not help to smile Eliza's face appears. Waving from such thoughts, which had the audacity to even enter her mind, a happy girl's face is replaced by a dreary mine. Eliza - outdoor saleswoman colors can not imagine really how the elite of society lives in their houses, where each person has a high-ranking servant. No, she does not know how people live the high society, yet because of his long tongue, to not pay attention to Professor Higgins - a linguist, and a man with a very emotional character, having a weakness for experiment, ready for the most dubious bet only to have to prove their case. And outraged rude, inappropriate for a woman to manner of speech (even if it only sells violets in the yard), the professor begins to show to the ugly duckling interest purely professional, whereas Colonel Hugh Pickering (who is familiar with the impulsive Higgins on the magic of chance), I was able to see the person in it. After mutual "compliments", by playing music scenes, Elisa left alone, reflecting on the words of Higgins' high society just six months will take you as his. " Thus, the beginning of a confrontation is necessary, confrontation between Henry Higgins and strong Cockney accent.
George Cukor shows his audience exactly what and wants to see the mass audience, because, of course, most of the boys make out a Professor Higgins, and the girls will be something to compare myself with Miss Doolittle. Thus, "My Fair Lady" has no gender restrictions, it does not put in the awkward position of either one of the floors, blowing into circulation in a manner familiar themes of the musical comedy. By the way of comedy, there is a good probability that over the years, some of the jokes out of date, no longer be relevant. But this is not a picture of doom that it will not support the mood or is boring, not just the severity of that time will be a little strange for a modern audience. Such scenes as throwing slippers in the professor or nervous walking Hugh Ikeringa the room, together with all similar episodes provide a good dose of positivity. It is worth mentioning that despite the long timing, no element, no scene does not seem superfluous, and all the actors, with due professionalism breathed life into his characters, giving them an individual character, yes, even the smallest, seemingly insignificant episode is very important, for example, when an expert in phonetics ridiculous bow, a trifle, but the little things are certain in terms of human perception, for example a scene presses the "button" smile and easy laugh. There is nothing superfluous in "My Fair Lady", but still have one disadvantage that there is no room for such a kind in the harsh reality of modern society, fairy tales, but who does not like a fairy tale, if not meaningless, beautiful, surprisingly good and developing imagination, able to touch even the most callous heart.
I, your humble servant, at the first viewing of this magnificent musical even broke down in tears, they were tears of happiness, while my friend thought I was too emotional, at times and did not look away old Indian films, in anticipation of the predictable, but I wish Happy end-a. But, okay, positive emotions from watching tapes Cukor, more, and if the actors will punch you in the tear, it will be tears of joy.
Truly, we are not looking for logic or unpredictable plot turns in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" as and "My Fair lady", is the emotional logic, rather than propositional logic, but it does not spoil the quality of the final product and does not detract from the curiosity to him.
Of course, it is possible to criticize the brainchild of George Cukor, but given the enormous work of the crew, charming actor playing Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison, Wilfrid Hyde-White, the color of their characters, literate humor and self-irony, the nachirkat negative review on such a film would be bad manners. To write a negative review of "My Fair Lady", you need to have for a more arguments and to be so very picky, not a loving musical comedy melodrama critic. To be honest, these critics (configured on the analysis of cogs) is almost there, so if there was a hit with the critics of experts who are watching the movie a little earlier than normal folk, it is very insignificant, thus the people warmly welcomed the creation of George Cukor. In addition, it is one of those rare films that has to "Wikipedia" no criticism section, what is critical, if you can praise, and compositions like "So you wait Higgins" and others, have become very close to the heart.
not quit in the wilds psevdoatmosfernsoti and pathos, such a naive review, it is possible to count impressions boys, but you can not be afraid of it, for a few hours to feel "green" a romantic, because so many years have passed, and "My Fair lady" is still beautiful, and the role of Audrey Hepburn played only reinforces this achievement. And the actress is equally good both in the form of a lady, and as a saleswoman of flowers.

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