"My Fair Lady (1964)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

When Jack Warner signed a contract with Audrey Hepburn in the leading role, journalists were very surprised. Since the picture played Rex Harrison and Stanley Holloway, who participated in theatrical productions and everyone thought that the role of Eliza get Julie Andrews. But history has proved the correctness of Warner. While the replacement of theatrical stars movie stars, especially in musicals, was very common.
Work on "My Fair Lady", the creation of sets and costumes has become an outstanding project. A lot of time was spent on the development of style, shoes and Audrey costumes. "Every day I pray to be worthy of this wonderful role," - he said Hepburn
The film was shot in the pavilions of the studio "Warner" in Burbank.. Visual series "My Fair Lady" makes the picture of the greatest achievements in the field of popular, film viewers
When Audrey came to Los Angeles and met with the director, she suddenly asked. "I'm going to sing in the film itself?" The director said, her voice is quite good for most of the vocal numbers, but have to use a different voice for some notes. It's a little reassured Audrey.
Under the contract, the studio had the right to use another voice. But from the moment that Audrey began to engage with a professional instructor, Warner and Cukor decided that all the vocal numbers, she will play herself (with slight overlap in some places). Since all the vocal numbers were recorded in advance, and at the site of the actress was required only accurate articulation, all adjustments of vocals could be held later on in the studio. "I'm going to work on his voice - Audrey said, and added: - I'm willing to take as many lessons as you deem necessary. The ability to sing and dance -. An integral part of the acting profession »
In late June Beaton thought Audrey finally stopped worrying about his singing. "Since the day of arrival, she worked hard, and her voice grew stronger so that it is completely free could cope with most of the vocal numbers Eliza." The same opinion was held by George Cukor and Jack Warner. But it was the usual self-deception, to a large extent influenced the success of the film as a whole and on the character of Eliza in the film.
May 16 Cukor and Lerner secretly met with the singer Marni Nixon, already dubbed some of the actresses in the film. After listening to a short film director invited Nixon dubbing for Audrey, but this decision was to remain until the secret. Audrey continued to take singing lessons and had no idea about the plans studii.Zapis songs for the film began to Audrey ordeal.
Meanwhile, Marni Nixon had recorded all the vocal numbers Eliza. "In the end, we decided to use the voice Marnie" - recalls Harper McKay, performs the role of assistant to previews. No one dared to report it to Audrey. Worst of all was that Cukor, previews and Lerner listened Audrey singing and constantly praised her. "Audrey, unfortunately, start to believe them." But even for the sake of peace of mind Audrey studio did not change its decision. All songs of Eliza in the film performed Marni Nixon. After learning the truth, she felt humiliated, and yet nothing showed his resentment. Audrey continued to operate as before.
Andre Previn claimed that Marnie Nixon invited because "Audrey Hepburn could not cope with the vocal ... The main character was supposed to Twitter as a bird ... Rex Harrison has confirmed his mastery parlando, special singing style, close to the recitations to music. " But all efforts preview, Cukor, Warner and the rest of the film led to a complete disaster. As a result, a thin and deep game Audrey Hepburn was hopelessly flawed foreign vocal.
«My Fair Lady" was released in autumn 1964. London press particularly unfavorably spoke of the first part of the picture. Prim British did not like it folksy accent Audrey - as if in the East End, there is only one, once and for all a certain manner of speech. But the game Audrey responded with praise, noting that it plays a lot better than Julie Andrews (who performed the role of Eliza in the theatrical production).
And no matter what, I love this movie, it always helps to break away from the everyday world and immerse yourself in a different world, a world full of wonders. And of course the overriding advantage of the film are great actors and especially Audrey Hepburn ... it is absolutely natural in every scene of the film. She managed to make a touching and funny flower girl, Eliza Doolittle which could never have become the stage where there are no close-ups. As she talked with the indulgent and indifferent professor - innocently, but with a considerable share of ambition. And at the ball there is a completely different Eliza - but even here through the style and grace now and then skips features a poor flower girl - in her eyes, in the smile, in the movements ... All this makes the heroine Audrey alive so that living the whole film with her from the beginning until the end ...
* During filming Cukor Audrey and a man came up to the radio and at the moment they learned of the assassination of President Kennedy. "I was too shocked to inform the crew - he recalled Cukor. - None of us did not dare say anything. And then Audrey just said, "I'll do it." She took the microphone and said: "President of the United States killed. Let's take a few minutes shut up, so that you can pray or something to honor the president "memory
* Audrey during filming wrote to his father." We are barely surviving because of the hellish heat. All last week, we were literally suffocating. At the studio was 110-118 degrees (Fahrenheit, that is 43-48 degrees Celsius) temperature ... This is worth a whole day, even in the evening becomes cooler. We all night tossing and turning in their beds, and in the morning we face strikes even more hot air. All weekend we spend in swimming pools. The only fitting clothes - wet swimsuits. But with heavy woolen skirts and lace up boots Eliza, I can not help it. And then there's and thousands of kilowatts of light! I just fused "
* Review of the film from the" New York Times ":" Miss Hepburn has a unique sensitivity and phenomenal comic actor for nothing (needed for this role) ... It is amazingly beautiful and fun in ostrosatiricheskoy scene at Ascot, calm and noble at the ball at the embassy and incredibly touching in the last scene, where she wants true love "
* Review of" Nyuyorkera ":." her acting and personal data have helped make Eliza completely different, not less attractive and interesting, than it was Miss End Russe ".
* In 1994 he published a carefully restored and re-recorded / digital recording of" My Fair Lady ", in which the performance of Audrey used. Unfortunately, except for two rooms remaining entries are destroyed during a fire in warehouses WB ...

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