My Desire To Take Part In Scholarship Program Essay

When I was ten-years old I was interviewed by the local news station for creating a very popular lemonade stand. The reason the lemonade stand was so popular was that I would blend fresh local fruit on the spot to provide a unique thirst-quenching treat. The secret to my success was providing quality and innovation. In every stage of my life I have passion and focus on quality improvement and innovation. During my undergraduate education, I was asked to sit on the Sports Medicine Curriculum Committee to help change education delivery to a more modern, effective method. After two years of a quality improvement in the sports medicine curriculum, the average Athletic Training Board Certification exam score for the university increased by 6.2%. During my senior year of college, I rekindled my entrepreneur spirit and created an international business, which focused on preparing Japanese student for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). I quickly learned the importance of quality improvement and quality programs on both a business and professional. Like my lemonade stand, my innovating efforts created an effective method of delivering a service as well as many great experiences. After graduation, I had the opportunity to work as a Quality Control Manager for a pharmaceutical company. In this position I learned about true quality improvement on a medical and healthcare level. The most important principle I learned is that healthcare quality is an increasingly important issue with growing demands presented by patients, providers, payers, and even policymakers.

With all of my life experience before medical school, I knew exactly why and how I wanted to pursue my career as a physician in medical quality. I have taken the initiative at the University of Utah School of Medicine to conduct medical quality projects both with department chief residents and individually. The experience I have gained while working with the hospital Chief Quality Officer and Chief Residents has been priceless, and continue to fuel my passion of medical quality. Specifically, through my experiences, I have gained a particular interest in utilization of procedures, admissions, complications, mortality and patient outcome. On a national level, I am excited to become involved in the American College of Medical Quality. In 2014, as I was serving as an ambassador for the American Medical Association, I was approached by a senior ACMQ member who introduced me to the ACMQ Quality Scholarship Program. I knew that this would be a great opportunity for me to take another step towards becoming a medical quality expert. I believe that I will contribute unique qualities to the program and help continue its great mission and purpose.

Currently, as an Ambassador for the AMA Foundation, I have learned the importance of working with groups of leaders at both a local and national level in order to achieve maximal results from each individual, as well as a group collectively. Additionally, as the AMA Utah chapter delegate, I have had the opportunity to participate and make innovative improvements in the Utah Medical Association and the AMA. The main focus and objective I have in the AMA is to advocate for medical quality content and opportunities in medical education. I strive to make a difference on the national level by raising awareness and involvement among medical students about medical quality research and projects.

All in all, I am excited about the ACMQ Quality Scholarship Program, and I feel like I am a great candidate because of my unique previous and current leadership experiences, my enthusiastic personality and my passion for medical quality and improvement.

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