My Attitude To Human Genetic Engeneering And Cloning Essay

If you take a look around, you notice that everyone is different. When you think of people being different from each other, you usually picture physical traits, or what someone looks like. That is true, but what makes us so different is more than that. People are different in the way that they think, their health, their mental condition, and so many more things. What if we had the ability to change that? To change how healthy someone is, or prevent them from suffering from a mental illness? If someone’s parents suffered from a mental illness, it’s likely that their children will suffer from the same one, or have characteristics of that mental illness. If someone’s parents suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, etc, their child is likely to suffer from the same.

If you, as a parent, had a chance to alter these genes for your child, to prevent them from having the same or problems as you or a relative did, would you? Personally, I would. I wouldn’t want my child to have to go through the same things as I did, especially if it could harm them physically or mentally. Some people might disagree with this, but if I could prevent my child from having to go through anything that could cause them pain physically and/or emotionally, I would in a heartbeat.

Now, what if you could choose the color of your child’s hair or eyes? What if you could change their personality? What if you could change what they look like, how tall they are, and how much they weigh? That’s something I wouldn’t do. If everyone looked the same and acted the same, the world would be so boring. The world would lack personality, it would lack colorfulness. I wouldn’t be as excited to wake up and see my friends. I wouldn’t look forward to going to school and seeing the same looking people and having the same boring conversations with people who have the same personality. What makes us different is so important in order to have a fun, exciting life and look forward to waking up in the morning.

Now, another option is cloning. Say a loved one died in a car crash. You would be able to clone them, and have them back again. Now, it makes complete sense to want them back because of how much you miss them. But if you cloned them, they might act and look like the same person, but they would never be. They wouldn’t have experienced the same things as your loved one did. They wouldn’t have the same memories and be able to share those with you. They wouldn’t be the same on the inside. They wouldn’t have the same brain. If I cloned a loved one that I lost, like my dad, it wouldn’t be the same for me. I would end up missing him even more than I already do.

These are sensitive topics. Some people might love the option of being able to clone someone or themselves, and choose what their children look like or how they act. Although I don’t agree with those two options, I do agree with being able to prevent your child from suffering mentally or physically because of something they inherited from a parent or relative. My child’s health is more important to me than anything, and being able to prevent them from hurting in any way would be great.

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