My Attitude To Donald Trump Essay

Why Donald Trump Is My Hero

Donald Trump- courageous, powerful, and most of all, my hero. Trump is loved by many and, in my opinion, is the most admirable man to walk the earth, right before Jesus Christ himself. He is the most caring person this country has ever seen. Donald Trump is the best president in the United States’ history for many reasons including his qualifications, his open-mindedness, his humility, and his chivalry.

The first reason why Donald Trump is my hero and the best president thus far, is his qualifications. Trump is clearly the most qualified man that has ever graced the states with his presidency. He obtained a degree in economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, which actually means that he is well-educated of all sides of politics, not just the economy. Not to mention that being a businessman and a TV personality is practically the same as be a politician. Donald Trump has also been famous for a very long time which means two things- he has good public relations, which help with foreign affairs, and a lot of money, which he probably won’t donate to important causes.

The second reason why Donald Trump is my hero is his open-minded nature. He is always extremely accepting towards minorities such as people of different races, religions, and economical standings. One example of this is when Trump stated that a judge was biased because “he’s a Mexican.” This compliment was incredibly thoughtful because being biased is a great quality to have as a judge and we all know how much Donald Trump loves Mexicans. In fact, he loves them so much that he plans on building a wall to keep all of the racist, xenophobic Americans away from their country. Yes, he does love the Mexicans, but let’s not forget how much he REALLY loves the African Americans. One time, he even condoned the beating of a Black Lives Matter protester, all for the good of the protester, of course, so he could receive the full “1950s style protest experience.”

Along with his acceptance of Mexican and African Americans, he also openly supports women and even identifies as a “raging feminist.” Donnie is actually the least misogynistic president thus far. He publicly shows his chivalrous personality often by showing his wife, Melania, how important she is to him. He actually treats her as he does all women and women’s issues- completely unacknowledged and left behind, which proves just how much she means to him. Donald Trump, seeker of social equality, even took sweet time out of his day to make other women feel significant as well, by sexually assaulting them. One woman who was involved even stated she, “felt lucky that Trump took time out of his busy schedule” to assault her. Perhaps, one of the best compliments he has ever given to the female race as a whole was, “ Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” This comment showed that Trump truly wants what’s best for American women and truly values and respects them.

Let’s not forget Donald Trump’s genuine humility. He is obsequious, respectful, and genuinely humble. He only mentions that he won the election against Hillary Clinton when he recalls that the majority of the uneducated people voted for him and have forgotten who actually won. Trump is indeed the constant reminder that their confederate flags are just, “a part of history” and that the government doesn’t take away their guns. The peak of his modesty was shown when he once stated, “A total genius must’ve built this place,” referring to himself. We all know that his intelligence far exceeds that of a genius. Donald Trump speaks only truth, characterizing his election as, “part of a historic movement like the world has never seen.” Trump’s humility is refreshing and truly inspiring to us Americans.

Overall, I believe Donald Trump is a disciple sent down to bless our country, tis of thee, sweet land of liberty by our one and only lord and savior, Jesus Christ (even though Trump is far more accomplished.) He has already done so much for the United States and will continue to do good for the remaining 1,366 days of his presidency. Trump is probably the love of my life and he is hands-down the most influential (and handsome) man history has seen thus far. Donald Trump is my hero for reasons such as his qualifications, his open-mindedness, his humility, and his chivalry.

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