Museum Essay

To come across a souvenir shops in a Museum that keep various kinds of mementos that are replicas of the original ones are very common, but it hardly happens that the collections in a shop are so rare, vintage, exotic and varied that it be a Museum is a rare occurrence. The Papaya Vintage Shop in Bangkok is one of its kinds for this very reason. Though this is called a Shop, however, one will find that a good number of articles kept here are not for sale but only for display. A massive and colorful showroom, it is home to second hand articles of various kinds. The place does not really look very grand from outside. It has a typical warehouse cum workshop sort of look with a small entrance. But inside that one will find a treasure house full of delight. The arrangement of items in the shop is completely haphazard and even messy to an extent which adds on to its exquisite nature. This Museum is a total delight for each and every person, be it from any age group. As one enters and walks his way through the narrow pathways between shelves filled with collectibles, a mysterious and confusing vibe builds up, till the person reaches the centre of the shop- a wide open three- storied area, filled with shelves that are packed with articles. The place is not divided into sections as such, but has a number of rooms and “hidden” areas which are fun to explore! TIMINGS: The shop remains open on all days. It opens at 9:00 AM in the morning and continues till 6:00 PM in the evening. The best time to visit this place is around 2:00 PM in the afternoon. It remains less crowded and one can easily explore the area with a lot of time in hand to soak in the essence of the place and if lucky then be able to take back a memorabilia from here too. COST: The items available here are second hand, but of extreme antique value. Be it the furniture or the toys and the superhero models, each of these collectibles are vintage and delightful. And the most interesting and amusing part of it all is that one might like a particular article and want to purchase it, but the shopkeeper might just announce that it is not for sale. The entry to this amusing wonderland is free for all. The place is beautiful and apt for photography and many times professional photographers rent out few rooms for their photography sessions. TIME REQUIRED: One will require a good two hours to go through the entire place. However, there are photographers who rent rooms for the entire day for photo shoots. HOW TO REACH : The shop is located on the Lat Pharo Road Wang Thong Lamg, in the suburbs of Bangkok. One can take a taxi for convenience in commuting. From colorful Vespas to beautifully crafted Credenzas and art deco chairs and light fixtures, Vintage clocks to a collection of Marvel and DC heroes, quirkily furnished rooms to completely dressed up models, this Furniture shop cum studio is home to a number of such amazing delights!

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