Multidimensional Modeling For Social Business Intelligence Essay


Describe abut the Multidimensional Modeling for Social Business Intelligence?


Reviewing Article 1: Value creation strategies for science-based business: A study of advanced materials ventures.

Application of the science based technologies plays an essential role for the organizational development as a whole. Application of green technology, sustainability, bio technology are effective to manage the growth of an organisation as a whole. Maine, Lubik & Garnsey (2013) mention people of the market place has become conscious about the environment. Therefore application of the technology has become an essential. Advanced materialism, hierarchical potentiality, performance application are becoming the significant innovative ethos are being used in the business perimeter. Successful application of technical gadgets and mechanical devices appear to be the provident approach which indulges in extreme commercialization.

Reviewing Article 2: Advanced topic modeling for social business intelligence

Using corporate data in decision making process of business evaluation appears to be the significant approach. Application of sophisticated data warehousing system, meta-modelling, big data appear to be the conditional factors that helps in managing the business ethics in a significant level. Gallinucci, Golfarelli, & Rizzi (2013) are of this view with the application of more technicality, more financial savings can e4xpected to be pocketed by an organisation. In the coming days business ethics can be essentially maintained by using of these technical applications.

Reviewing Article 3: 4CaaSt marketplace: An advanced business environment for trading cloud services

Internet system in these days has become one of the affluent approaches which seems to act as an inspiration approach for an organisation. The article of Menychtas et al. (2014) highlights that application of the internet could system may seem to be one of the significant approach of business development. In order to develop the business strategy effective use of cloud system may appear to be one of the most significant approaches of maintaining ethicality of business.

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