Multicultural Critical Reflective Practice And Contemporary Essay


Describe about the Art description/ analysis of all visual elements and design principles of the provided art?


Art analysis/ Description

Mickalene Thomas is an eminent artist who is very much well known for cultural practice in the field of art and creation. She is an African-American artist born in 1971. Her focus of creation is mostly linked to the female gender and sexual identity issues of 1970. Her art of work is mediated by portray of rhinestones, acrylic and enamel. In 1970, female gender is always condemned by the male population. Sexual insanity is the colloquial difficulties and malpractices of the society residing at 1970. Her arts and creation always reflects the thoughts regarding the feminity, beauty and gender and sexual identity issues (Arikoglu, 2014).

Every creation of the artist is allocating the feminist activity and practices in beauty concern. The beauty and sexual practices in the society is a very lucrative issue of concern to the male population. The movies of 1970 basically narrate the gender of insanity concern in the society. Her collages are very much focused to visualize the certain references, proximities and beliefs which are closely linked to the gender and sexuality issues in the era of 1970. But the art particularly concerned about the vicinity of African-American social values. The position, sexual and beauty practice is the target area of her creations (Crum and Hendrick, 2014).

Concerning the design and aesthetics issue, this particular collage is showing a great ethical supportive statement observed from the audiences. But this creative art is lacking the multiple visibility issues of the society. It is only showing the black feminity issues. The style of art is very lucid and attractive and the design aspect is well established and achieving a sore success but the work is very much stereotypical and not allocating multiple cultural ethnicity and vicinity (Frank, 2014).

This particular collage is threatened to the critics as well as the audiences regarding the extremely composite thought along with black female gender and sexuality stereotypes. The collage is less attentive to illustrate the multiple shapes of gender and identity issues in culture and society. Sexuality and beauty practice is the inert framework of the sculpture. This creative and ethnic art is romanticizing the black sexuality of African-American women. So, the kind of visibility which is emerged from this art failed to envisage the overall ideas about the feminist characteristics.

Her work always narrates the black beauty concepts. She is taking initiates to enlighten the dignity and importance of black women in the society concerning the beauty and sexuality issues in the society by the medium of creative arts mainly in the forms of collage. Black female visibility in the light of the sexuality is the prime attention of the collage. It is not showing other multiple visibilities of different ethnic cultural groups (Russeth, 2014).

The visual richness of the art attests to the way of decoration and delighting brightness. The input of burning colors adds an extra visual ethnicity in the creative art. The 1970s blaxploitation extravagance is the outline of the work. The generation of art is extremely overwhelming for understanding the black feminity in cultural aspects.


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