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I'm madly in love cartoons of Walt Disney Pictures. Because, in contrast to the current business giants, studios DreamWorks Animations and Pixar's, Disney movies, always carried a very simple, yet high-quality products. Because of that, almost all cartoons studio became an instant classic, and hold that title for years and decades. It's the same with this work. Directed Tony Bencroft and Barry Cook, created a truly gorgeous work. Cartoon like that make a very, very rare, and in our time, do not create at all. I looked him in childhood, right up to the hole. Even so, it attracts attention and excites a genuine interest. Cartoon combines a lot. Great sense of humor, kindness, light, positivity, some "hard times" and even the musical elements. All this is in a moderate dosage, done this cartoon, a real gem. Watch movies easy and fun. The smile on his face, almost coming off, throughout the film. In general, quite funny and at least smile keeps. Some things quite entertaining and interesting. Especially the time of the Huns with the army, which descend from the mountain. Drawing good. It was drawn cartoons, make more impression on me than the animation. Though the characters are drawn is not entirely realistic, the picture itself as a whole, can not fail to please and bring a smile. Everything is very high quality, detailed and thought out.
story of Hua Mulan is very popular to this day. It more than once filmed Chinese, and even a couple of times Americans. And on this, the creators did not want to stop. What is the story of a successful woman these things written Robert Susi, Barney Mettinsonom and Barry Johnson ? The fact that brings some harmony in the concept of ethics and righteousness China. Users who are familiar with the old traditions of China and Japan should be aware of the fact that the woman has always played the role of the mistress of the hearth. That is, a woman, which was kept and family life, but at the same time, she had no right, nor to express their opinions or to show their strength. These things the same picture, tells the story of a woman who proved that she has the strength, courage and manliness, manhood are more soldiers. The story itself, in spite of the purely Chinese tradition, is easily accessible to a mass audience. The history of light and perhaps even predictable. Humor excellent. Full of fun and funny moments. Excellent spelled picture characters. Especially, I want to highlight the best and the brightest characters in the picture, and firefly Dragon Mu Shu.
Postproduction pictures are gorgeous. It is the rare case when a Russian voice, I liked it more than the original. Despite the fact that the charismatic dragon Mu Shu, just won the excellent voice acting and "techniques" actor Eddie Murphy . Voice matched perfectly. Voiced at the highest level.
was extremely surprised to learn that the composer of the picture, the number of great Jerry Goldsmith . For this, a great composer, settled mainly in the style associated with either thrillers, or with mysticism or with horror movies. And for me, it seemed a little wild, so that the "hard" and "grim" composer, created the so beautiful and light music for the cartoon of the orientation for children and adults. Music is, gorgeous oriental motifs in the tradition of "The Last Samurai" by Hans Zimmer. Gorgeous performance of the orchestra, magnificent horns and incredible choral singing in the tradition of the early Disney classics Alya "Snow White." Beautiful and light music. Places enough dynamic, inventive and modern. For example, in the scene where Mulan goes to the front, instead of his father, Jerry showed real skill. Such things combine classical orchestral overture and playing on a synthesizer and keyboards, in the spirit of "Chain Reaction." As a result, something happened on the similarity of synth-pop.
10 of 10
good film. The classic work of Disney. A lot of words, and emotions are more important. So, for viewing I recommend ... for like, do not create.

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