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September 1, 1999 - after the first day of school my parents gave me a cassette with animated film Mulan. And since it is included in the golden fund of the classics of my childhood as well - he was among my favorite Disney cartoons, and besides, I think cartoon Mulan one of the best creations of animation at all. Why - I have just learned
Mulan -. The most common kitayskayadevushka of marriageable age, but which constantly happen any incidents that cause anger and concern of parents matchmaker. However, when China begins the invasion of warlike nomadic Huns, led by the ruthless Shan Yu, the order comes from the capital - each family is required to send a man to the war. In order to save his elderly and ailing father from conscription and death, Mulan steals his armor and, disguised as a man, sent to fight. With funny dragon Mushu guardian and wise cricket Cri-Kee, bringing good luck, and after challenging workouts, Mulan and her comrades-in-arms have to battle with the Huns, which will change the history of China forever.
The plot is a Chinese poem about woman, joined the army. It is still unknown whether the heroine of real prototypes or he still legendary? Disney creates an animated version of the legend, telling her in a style understandable to everyone - both children and adults. Mulan - a great example of a classic Disney animated film Renaissance (which includes Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Hercules and the Lion King). First of all I want to note the amazing animation that takes us to China, with its incredible architecture, flowering trees, centuries-old traditions, costumes and armor - in general, is immersed in the atmosphere of the film with a head
plot also develops animated canon, so. he added some fantastic elements such as ancestral spirits, the living dragons and reasonable crickets that makes the story more exciting, and more fun. Humor is generally a separate topic - I remember as a child I memorized dialogues and characters entertained family renderings. I especially liked the scene in the temple of the ancestors with real dragon, the first appearance in the camp - his chest, legs apart and went, attempts to secretly take a bath -! think guys not had washed socks, and the final mission of disguise and Dragon coat
music -! in the best traditions of Disney - captivates immediately and never forgotten. Although the songs are not so many, but they are so beautiful, as well as their accompanying scenes: All we are waiting for now the honor - the preparation of girls for the bride, including hair, clothes, make-up, Only then will become thou a man - training camp, which was probably my favorite song in the movie, and lovely hiking It is better to dream of the girl of his
main character - a young girl Mulan, who lived a normal life, trying to please matchmaker and increase the family's honor. But things are changing daily agenda when Mulan cuts long hair, dresses in men's clothing, and goes to war. this path was not easy - she has to endure the ridicule of other soldiers who earn their respect and friendship, to pass a difficult course and face a dangerous enemy who is many times greater than their number. Throughout the film Mulan manages to earn our admiration and respect for their resistance, courage and the fact that she never gives
her unusual companions -. Hilarious dragon Mushu and cricket Cri-Kee - Mulan and help in the difficult military affairs, and added to the bulk of the humor in the cartoon. Mushu - demoted keeper now has gong, evoking ancestors in the temple, decides to help Mulan succeed, to return to the temple hero. Talkative, sarcastic and very charming Mushu is fast becoming one of the favorite cartoon characters! Cricket, too is not easy - for some reason it is considered a lucky, it also adds a lot of fun
To be honest, every character to be so memorable that is worthy of special mention:. Mulan's family - a good, but stern father Fa Zu , a loving and caring mother Fa Lee, humorous and adventurous grandmother Fa Senha ; Captain Lee Sang - the young commander, who was assigned to the training of new recruits, and who wants to prove that he is worthy of this title for his services, but not for the relationship in general; hilarious trio of warriors -. Ling Chien-Po and Yao, which gradually become best friends Mulan
There are some movies / cartoons / TV shows that I can recommend without hesitation all confident that they will be delighted by watching. Mulan - this is one of those cartoons. Even after over 20 years with the first viewing, I find it all the same interesting, fascinating, funny and incredibly beautiful.
10 of 10
Happy viewing!

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