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A few years ago it dawned on me that I have not seen a single fully cartoon about princesses. Not that this was something strange and unusual, but not just the world's most famous animation studio so often gave a major role to them. After that, I decided to look at several Disney, whose number included in "The Little Mermaid," "Beauty and the Beast," "The Princess and the Frog" and "Mulan." The latter got into the list purely because of the fact that it was a sequel to one of the first acquisitions on DVD in my family, but specifically "Mulan 2" I still have not looked. Memories of the first part have remained vague, in general, I was not very happy and put it 6 out of 10 on kinopoisk.
But recently I was in a children's birthday party, where, as usual on such holidays, and sometimes, He remained in the company of children, although age is and they can sit together with adults. The room was included Disney Channel, and when I help the birthday girl to open her gift - LEGO set of "Cold Heart" (yes, I'm a little jealous of her) - TV suddenly announced that it will now be showing "Mulan." Though there the TV could not boast of excellent picture plus I completely lost the habit to watch the movie with ads, but still decided not to lose a chance to review the movie. And I do not regret.
When you first view I do not really liked the Mulan, to me it seemed too arrogant and not very interesting. I do not know what I was thinking, because in fact it is - definitely the best character of all the major female characters two-dimensional cartoon Disney, I've seen. Mulan is ambitious, brave, and very far from stupid - definitely a role model. Sometimes it is very uncomfortable, but it just makes it way more lively and clear, it is easy to empathize.
Perhaps China's culture of that time and is shown here exaggerated, but the role it performs, making the main character actions do not cause too many questions . When she cut hair and goes to the army, determined to pretend to be a guy in order to protect the patient's father's military service, there is no doubt, if it was possible to do otherwise. And accompanying this moment, the wonderful music of Jerry Goldsmith only strengthens moment.
At the same time the film is very good sense of humor. Alas, the original was not looking, and therefore can not say how good / bad Eddie Murphy in the role of Shifu and the dragon if his puns all transmitted as necessary. But even comparing what were the words in the lyrics to the dubbing and original compositions at a separate hearing, I have not found any clear stocks. The songs a little bit, but each works right on target, and I'll Make A Man Out Of You and all perfect.
Yet the film sometimes too childish. If he always balanced between comedy and dramatic moments as in the transition between comedy song of soldiers and their arrival in the burnt village, then prices would not be him. Unfortunately, this is a relatively rare example, and the overall situation does not help that there are two comic characters and unloading of the animal world and just three of the same soldiers. Although I can not help but note that the last dressing in women near the end looks good in contrast with those that passed through itself Mulan. Especially because they do it to deceive the Huns - and those barely legible in women
Speaking of the Huns.. Their leader Shan-Yu - hotties cool character. He is not just a walking mountain of muscle and machine in the counsels of fear in the enemy, but also quite a purposeful leader who knows what to do. Call it the best villain of Disney animation is difficult, yet decent competition, but particularly in this story it works best. Shan-Yu is clearly enjoying the process of China's destruction and is not looking for the easy way out, which makes it a worthy rival. Other people of his tribe is not particularly shown, but it is easy to notice a very eloquent detail that already says a lot about them:. They are yellow, like hawk, eyes
More Cartoon plus a separate final moments can be identified. Nostalgia Critic once in one of his commercials wondered why Mulan listed as a Disney princess? After all, no ties to the royal couple, she does not have. But then he said - for her heroism she bowed to the Emperor himself (and with him all the people), that in a sense, makes it even beyond the princesses. But she not only became a hero of the people, but also with open arms accepted into the family. Please note that her father, hugging daughter, pays no attention to the brought relics proving its achievements. That's what I call a competent distribution of priorities.
But to finish the film on Mushu and dancing spirits, could not have been a better idea. Still, "Mulan" a little about it. But it hardly spoils the impression about these things wonderful film and a worthy representative of "Renaissance» Disney animation.
8 out of 10

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