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In search of suitable subjects for the next family animated hit, the producers from the studio 'Walt Disney' already welded on at one time and on a journey into the underwater world, and fairy tales "Thousand and One Nights', and animals of the African jungle, and dinosaurs and fairy tales of the brothers Grimm, and god knows on what stumbled on yet another advance profitable topic - legends of ancient China. Rather, one of the legends of the Middle Kingdom - a story about a beautiful girl Mulan, who, dressed in men's clothes, helped the Chinese army defeated the army of Huns and made a huge step forward in terms of understanding the role of women in society. This is the tale of the Chinese Joan of Arc from about the sixth century BC. e. walks in books, songs, ballads, films, theater productions, and now films, and has become an integral part of Chinese culture - not less important than the legend of the invincible Chinese warriors Wong Fei-Hung
general stories about the girl. with honor traditionally men's work, is in almost every nation - or where women without national identity? Tale (or profit) about Mulan - a nice story, has long been perceived through the prism of romantic clouds, hence - a great story for the 'Walt Disney Studios' - studio, which can not be imagined without the romantic, sad, funny, music, inspirational stories of friendship and love with some sweetly-touching and several similar-turretless
Cartoon characters 'Mulan' -. it's easy, beautiful, poetic spectacle without any surprises, accurately preserving the balance between comedy, musical, dramatic and epic ISTO iey that, with all that manages to stay very traditional Disney products without any stylistic or finds deviations. On the one hand it is good, because the viewer knows exactly what goes on, and the parent can easily put behind the viewing of this film their children, not watching movies before, and without the fear that a child after watching can be 'grown' questions or I thought, on the other hand, is suffering from the film itself, as to anticipate the move just about anything -. from the characters' actions to their words
film evokes respect the scale of the work done. 5 years was working on a children's film, 700 animators worked on the delicate portrayal of each character and the creation of an appropriate atmosphere for more than 30 writers and editors trying to turn the Chinese legend in the Disney hit with songs, jokes and sentimental moments, two directors are trying to restore it all together, filtering out unnecessary, ambiguous or incorrect, a dozen editors worked hard to make the audience did not take his eyes from the film for a moment, the world's superstar doing voice acting characters, several de yatkov assistants carried the gallons of coffee ... It was really done enormous work to create a Disney movie peculiar feeling airy lightness, foolish and visual luxury. A lot of consultants worked hard to ancient China looked to ancient China, and as close as possible to all the Chinese cultural traditions. And yet, in the final version is still a typical Hollywood Disney cartoon
History gives typical Hollywood sentimentality, and characters typical Hollywood -. From the most Mulan and ending with the wise American Presidia ... I mean, sorry, Chinese emperor, who in the end pushed tearful speech and even allowed himself to embrace some girl ... it is proved to be a traditional set of main characters - cute couple - a winner-winner, the wise father and a bunch of freaks that includes fat, skinny, grumbling on, as well as mandatory in all cartoons funny selfish and stupid loser, in the end becoming some no hero. Here - a small dragon, and in other films - a genie, Bartok, the crab Sebastian, donkey, sloth, goose Boris
, etc. There is also a mandatory mute character who created exclusively for fun and does not affect the happening. There is cricket.
The image of the villain, too, especially not to philosophize. Big, bad, ugly and has no other purpose than destructive. Typical Disney movie cliches, like sharply cut up to five million Chinese army (remember, back in the 'Lion King' create a sense that in the jungle every kind of animal is present only in one copy) and discos in the final are also present.
And nevertheless, the film makes a great impression. Not only the titanic work of talented artists who have created a charming and beautiful world. As always, amazing and perfect lyrical music of Jerry Goldsmith's soundtrack, which includes several heartbreaking and heart songs, worthy to stand on a shelf in the collection of every music lover. By the way, your options are the songs from the movie recorded and Jackie Chan, and Christina Aguilera and other stars. Brilliantly voiced their characters best American actors. 'Mulan', like many other Western cartoons, it makes no sense to look at the Russian dubbing. Is it possible to duplicate the great songs? Is it possible to duplicate the performance of the actors Miguel Ferrer, Pat Morita, Lea Salong? But they do create a full-fledged characters voices. And Eddie Murphy? It seems that none of his other roles Murphy was not so close to their heroes as the voice acting a donkey in 'Shrek' and the dragon Mushu in 'Mulan'. These two roles are simply created in the image and likeness of the actor, he goes into them from themselves, from their creative individuality. And the brilliant image of a full-fledged loser Mushu game thanks to Eddie Murphy comes to the fore and makes it even more interesting than most protagonists.
However, this does not apply to Mulan. Thanks to the skill of the artist and the voice actresses Lee Salonga and Ming-Na, in this charming girl fall in love once and for all. It is beautiful in its aspirations, in their sincere and pure emotional impulses, it is clean, honest, fair and strong - a great example for the younger generation growing up in a society feminist girls. Without a doubt, Mulan - one of the most attractive images ever created in the 'Disney', even Snow White to her far. By the way, the most Mulan film has caused a surge of interest, but the wave of his success came the sequel, and recently - and feature film
screen adaptation of the ancient Chinese legend adequately with the original cost.. And, although the Chinese, including the US, spoke to quite severe and quite understandable criticism about the unusual Chinese cultural traditions of morality, numerous mistakes and 'Americanisms', we will try not to forget that this is just a family cartoon, where everything is clear black and white, light and a bit fantastic. The feeling of a little spoiled but too hard to follow Disney canon, which leaves this cartoon quality, fun, easy, fun, bright, but still too childish, too classical picture, devoid of affordable and close to an adult mind of the characters and the post-modern 'Shrek', 'Wallace and Grometa 'or' Corpse bride '.
9 out of 10

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